Monday, 9 April 2012


I am happy to be back on Weight Watchers and if we ignore the Easter weekend, on track! Easter really does call for diets to be forgotten and copious amounts of chocolate (or in my case junk food) to be consumed.  Not that I really need an excuse to eat but four days off work is certainly a time to celebrate and eat :)

The Weight Watchers team sent me a little hamper to help me get back into Weight Watchers and following the ProPoints plan, how very kind of them!  I'm a big lover of Weight Watchers products, especially their cakes!  I am sure that will be of little surprise to most of you.  Their blueberry slices are to die for - you can only tell they are a diet cake because of the size of them, the taste is fantastic!  They are only 2 ProPoints each so it doesn't hurt if you eat more than one ;)  I find most of their products to be tasty and of a high standard for convenience foods.  Convenience sometimes being the most important thing especially when it comes to lunches at work.  The items they sent me are all available either at meetings or to mail order from the Weight Watchers website.

I tried all of these products for breakfast at work.  The porridge oats are made with water and are ready sweetened.  I usually have quaker oats and couldn't really tell much difference except that the Weight Watchers ones are lower in points.  My standard Quaker oats with semi skimmed milk are 5 points whereas the Weight Watchers oats made with water are just 3 points.  I don't really like cappuccino and didn't really enjoy this either to be honest, they are sweetened which I don't like and taste the same as any other sachet of instant cappuccino.  If instant cappuccino's float your boat these ones are only 1 point each.  I did love the peach and pear fruit pots though.  I love tinned pears and am happy to say that these are point free and nice and tasty.

Weight Watchers also sent me various sauces to try out so I whipped up a few evening meals for Gray and I and am happy to report that he loved them as much as I did, no compromise on taste here!

The Mediterranean Sauce serves one for just 1 ProPoint.  I like my pasta sauces to be spicy so I added some chilli and a bit of garlic to it and stirred it into my ravioli.  I added a rasher of bacon, a serving of Weight Watchers grated cheese and some sauteed sprouts (oh yeah Rosie, it was me that googled 'Rosie Outlook sauteed sprouts' if you were wondering ;) ) The whole meal came to 10 ProPoints and was yummy.

I didn't really follow the instructions when it came to the Weight Watchers curry paste, I like quite a bit of sauce so I added more tomatoes than required and added a bit of hot curry powder too.  I also added some spinach and served with rice.  My serving was 11 ProPoints of curry heaven.  If you are a curry lover I recommend these little pots.

I love these bag and bake packs, the chicken is always so juicy and this one is zero points, result! The garlic and herb flavours were really good especially with the oven chips.  We also had cabbage, brocolli and cauliflower with some gravy powder gravy for 8 ProPoints.

What are your favourite Weight Watchers products?  I really want to try some of their new bars but will have to wait til I've eaten a few of the Malteaster Bunnies I stocked up on...


  1. Welcome back to the weightwatchers clan haha. Some of the stuff you got sent looks good, I have been meaning to try some of the new sauces that they do and your making me seriously consider it. Its more a price thing than anything that stops me. Does the porridge keep you as full as the other ones? Thats always been my worry.

  2. All this new food looks great! I need to get back to healthy eating, bought a load of WW meals today for lunch this week and some of my favourite WW mash x

  3. I have been meaning to send you that extra email for ages but haven't got round to it - I am in the Weight Watchers club too now! I am doing 'maintenance' with Jenny Craig which usually means that you do a day less a week with them until you come off completely, but they haven't sent me a new hamper yet so I started Weight Watchers late last week. I signed up with Top Cashback; they're doing £35 cash back and no sign up fee so it's basically free (it hasn't 'tracked' though so there's been a problem somewhere, I'm hoping I still get the money back). I stocked up on Weight Watchers goodies at the supermarket today; need to look out for the bag and bake and the pasta sauce, they look yummy and dinners are always my weakness when I'm on diets so it would be good to get some Weight Watchers dinner bits to help out with that. How did you find the sauteed sprouts? I thought they were so yummy, really buttery and tasty, will definitely be trying them again!xxx

  4. I really like their pitta breads, I actually prefer them to the regular ones because I can open them easier to fill them. I have their tuna sandwich filling a couple of times a week with the pitta breads. I wish more of their products were easier to find in supermarkets though because I can only get the pitta breads in Tesco which is bit of a pain for me.

  5. The breakfast oats sound really good. The fruit pots look great for work snacks too. x


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