Monday, 2 April 2012

Jenny Craig - Week Four

My Jenny Craig trial has come to an end.

My results this week are:

Weight  -1lb

Total Weight loss over 4 weeks  -5.5lb

Total Inch loss over 4 weeks:
Chest: -1"
Waist: - 1"
Stomach: -"
Hips: -"

For me I felt like I was still following the Weight Watchers plan but eating Jenny Craig food.  I tracked my Pro Points each day and kept note of my exercise as I would if on any Weight Watchers day.  I did find it easy to follow and having your meals planned out for you and just waiting to be warmed up really did make it simple.  Choices were taken away from me which I originally thought I might struggle with but when it came to it it was actually easier and meant there was less chance of me choosing a 'naughty' option after a tough day.

Would I do Jenny Craig again? The answer to this is a big YES but at £11 a day it is pricy.  Especially when you are a shopping addict who would much rather have a new dress instead.  If you struggle to stick to a plan and are committed to losing weight then I would say Jenny Craig is for you.  You can currently sign up to a two week trial for only £5.50 a day.


  1. after reading your blog I have decided to try Jenny Craig :) hopefully I will be a size 10 again soon

  2. this sounds like it really works! x

  3. Sometimes you need a regime and no choices or the choices made for you to kick start the good habits and stop the nibbling

  4. well done! i wish i could go on some kind of diet! might have to try this out, good old jenny craig! :) x


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