Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday Wants

This wishlist wasn't meant to be minty but it seems I am currently drawn to it! I normally hate pastels as they totally wash me out but this seasons pastels are brighter and much more wearable.  Thank god we have an alternative from Spring = Nauticals this year.  That was getting very boring.  I am loving mint, candy pink and lilac right now.  I also want to buy the Missguided Aldara dress in two of the colours I skipped - the candy pink and mint versions. Swoon.

Watch: asos

What are you currently craving??


  1. Yay I have that watch! It's blooming lovely!

    Regarding the UO shirt, there is a fairly similar one in Asda George for £12ish. Bargain! xx

  2. Ooo I'm loving the mint! The topshop dress is darling!

  3. They would all look lovely on you. The watchwould be great for someone who wants to try pastels but not a whole dress xx

  4. I love the clashing colours on that shirt, and the strap detail on the dress! I'm thrilled that nauticals haven't taken over the world as well - there's only so much navy, red and white that a girl can stomach!


  5. The Urban Outfitters blouse is lovely!

  6. I love the dress its so pretty, perfect for summer X

  7. Mint is my favourite colour EVER, so I love everything here!!!

  8. the asos watch is lovely. really subtle way to wear pastels - i love it :) x


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