Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Guided Tour... The Bedroom

I've saved my favourite room til last, our bedroom.  It's my favourite room because it contains my favourite place in the whole world - bed!  There really is no where that can beat being snuggled up in your own bed.  It's not normally this tidy, I had just cleaned the carpets so had to put my toiletries away and hang all my clothes up.  The whole room is based around our doggie doorstop and a union jack cushion which were purchased before the flat was actually completed.  I love the red walls and the slick white gloss furniture, I think it works well with the contrasting black gloss mirrors.

The artwork is fairly simple in our bedroom.  Gray designed and hand-cut the two paper cutouts.  I made the scrabble frame above our bed which says 'Sweet Dreams'.  The two square frames contain cards that Gray bought me and we now have a few of our favourite wedding photos on display too.

We also have an en-suite but Gray is in the middle of painting the walls in there so it's not that interesting.  That's it, guided tour completed!  I hope you enjoyed the little trip round my home.  Let me know if you do similar posts as I would love to have a nosy too!


  1. aaw its lovely, love that polka dot bedding!
    It is all so co-ordinated, I'm very jealous because I still don't have skirting board. My renovation is taking ages xx

  2. This is so adorable!! Lov e the colour scheme/theme and the polka dots, but who doesn't love polka dots?! I really like your accessories on the tiered stand as well!

    x Aliya

  3. That polka dot bedding is gorgeous! I have loved your little flat tour, and it has definitely given me ideas for when I get my own place :-)

    Steph xx

  4. Looking at these posts is dangerous as I'm this close to buying a pot of paint and lashing it all over my walls. Although I think my landlord might just chuck me out : /
    Really really like the red, and those little corner shelves are such a good idea!


  5. Your bedroom looks super cool! I need those big wardrobes! :D

    London Last Night

  6. As ever, I love the little finishing touches! I love the red too, I have never seen it used in any real houses!

    Maria xxx

  7. Red white and black will always be my favourite colour scheme! Your bed looks mega comfy, I can never ever get a bed looking like that, no amount of throws or cushions, I have no idea why! Love what you've got on your shelves too <3 x

  8. I love your bedroom! I want to move in! x

  9. cute pillows! my DIY chair would fit right in to your decor!



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