Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday Wants

I don't really trust this gorgeous weather we have had recently, it is only March after all and no doubt it will be cold and miserable again next week.  With this in mind I have included a long sleeved dress, you'll be thanking me next week, I promise!  It's a gorgeous nude colour with a dainty lace collar so is still very Spring like :)  I've been embracing Spring colours a lot recently, my personal favourites are mint and candy pink.  I really want a pair of mint shoes but have yet to find a pair that fit the bill.   The super cute floaty dress by Goldie is just perfect although maybe a little short for me. Definitely too short for bare legs no matter what the weather!  I love the shape and the pattern of the Joy dress, you can't go wrong with a little red dress!

Dress: Goldie

 Dress: Joy

What have you been lusting after this week? Link me up!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Jenny Craig - Week Three

I cannot believe I have just completed week three, these weeks are flying by.  I am pleased to say I am not bored with the diet food yet, I was a bit worried that this might happen but there is so much variety.  The extra calories have been a god send for me, I have been eating them mostly with my lunch meaning that I want my evening meal a bit later and am not feeling at all peckish when I exercise.

Talking of exercise I have really upped my game this week.  Three couch to 5k runs completed and three workouts at the gym - yep that's right I rejoined on Wednesday.  My plan is to alternate between them every day and to carry on being active at weekends by walking and exploring with Gray.  Now the clocks have gone forward I have an extra hour of daylight to play with so am going to make the most of it.  I am even going to do a few classes after my workout. (Note to self - do not get obsessed Sarah)

So on to the bit you're most interested in, the results:

Weight  -3lb

Chest: -½"
Waist: - no change
Stomach: -½"
Hips: -1"

I am over the moon with this!  I have worked so hard to get these results and can honestly say I really deserved them.  I am now lighter than I was on my wedding day and only 1lb away from having lost TWO STONE since my Where Are My Knees journey began almost a year ago.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.  I only have 13lbs to go to my first target which now feels very achievable especially if I can get the same results next week!

It's never impossible to avoid injuries and sprains when training at the gym or just generally exercising. At some point you might have to visit a specialist for treatment of a sports injury. If you require this kind of treatment, there are a number of private hospitals in Birmingham which provide this.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

PR Fail

Wow.  I still can't quite get my head around last night.  What started as a few angry tweets, mentioning no names at all I may add, certainly escalated very quickly.  My intention was just to vent, I was incredibly angry at being insulted in such a manner.  I thought I would get a handful of replies and forward the offending email onto a few blogger friends as a warning.  I didn't expect to gain 400+ new twitter followers as a result and @mentions I couldn't keep up with.

I certainly will not be mentioning the offending company name on my blog. Ever.  I didn't want to give them any publicity but clearly I underestimated the power of social media.  Lots of lies were told last night, please do not make assumptions about me, if you have any questions please email me.

I know I usually blog my wishlist on  a Wednesday, well my wish for this week is for this to all blow over now please.  I couldn't let it pass without making comment on it but I have now so let's all please move on and start talking about the next #drama.

One last thing from me, I know from reading the #bbloggers discussions on a Sunday evening and seeing the hate that certain (lovely & supportive) bloggers get blogging seemed to have lost it's way and forgotten what was important - a community offering support to each other.  Not last night.  I am incredibly proud that my fellow bloggers (and those who actually work in PR) came to my support last night, solidarity speaks volumes.  I love each and every one of you and say a big THANK YOU.  Every cloud and all that.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Jenny Craig - Week Two

I have felt much better following the Jenny Craig diet food plan this week.  I haven't felt at all hungry and at times have had to remind myself to eat my snacks.  This really isn't like me.  I spoke to my consultant about my lack of weight loss last week and she said it could be because of many reasons as every body reacts differently to different diets but that the inch loss shows that the diet was working for me and having a positive effect.

I have been walking for approximately 5 hours this week and on Friday I did something I didn't think I would ever do again - I started the couch to 5k programme.  I swear I nearly died on my first run and I really struggled to recover my breathing in between the runs but I didn't give in and with the help of Gray I got to the end and didn't collapse in a heap.  My second run was on Sunday and I already felt a bit better and recovered slightly quicker.  I am determined not to give up this time so much so I went running on Sunday with indigestion and in the rain! Commitment or stupidity?!

As I have added a lot more exercise than my normal zero I have also allowed myself a few off plan treats this week.  I had a cream tea and shared a small popcorn at the cinema (well I say shared... definitely not 50/50!) I personally believe that the reason I didn't lose last week is because the calorie count is just too low for me.  I am going to discuss this with my consultant when I receive my weekly call later today and see what she recommends.

On to my results:

Weight -  -1.5lb

Chest: - no change
Waist: - no change
Stomach: - no change
Hips: no change

A reverse of week ones results, weight loss but no noticeable inch loss.

Lets see what week three has in store for me!  I am so determined to get to my target weight in time for summer this year.  I am actually toying with the idea of rejoining my local ladies only gym.  I last went in 2008 but I used to really enjoy it and I know it will completely change my body.  I don't think I could ever face going to a conventional gym again... don't like all the ladies in lycra and the meat heads posing in front of the mirrors, way too intimidating to even attempt to use any of the weight machines :(  Do you go to the gym and if so what kind of routine do you follow?  

***UPDATE*** Following discussion with my consultant today I have been advised to up my calorie in take to 1500 a day.  I am to do this by including an extra portion from both the starch and fat options (eg a slice of bread and 1 tsp spread) and two extra pieces of fruit.  I have also been told about 'Splurge' calories which are 250 calories of your choice that you can consume once a week if required.  I can have a small slice of cake guilt free now!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday Wants

The first dress in this weeks wishlist really is on a 'wish' list... a 'wish I had the figure to be able to pull it off' wish list! Maybe once I have lost my tummy & if further weight loss doesn't make me more pear shaped I will be able to pull it off.  Til then I will just look longingly at it.

 Dress: asos

Dress: Topshop

 Dress: New Look

I love the shimmer fabric on the Topshop dress, it has sleeves and a v shaped back - perfection!  I have been waiting for the above New Look dress to come in stock since January.  It's finally online and thanks to Hannah I didn't miss out, not sure how I missed it when I check the new arrivals every day! There are limited sizes left and it is part of their limited edition range so don't wait too long if you've been lusting after this beauty!

What's on your Spring wishlist?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Leopard Brights

As soon as I saw this dress I knew I had to own it!  Eloise spotted it whilst we were wandering round Topshop Oxford Circus before #ldnlunch.  It's by Oh My Love, a brand I hadn't heard of before.  Checking out their website they don't have my exact dress online but they do have a dipped hem version.

Dress: Oh My Love
Jacket: New Look

I am totally in love with this jacket too, it was a bargainous £22.99 from New Look and comes in loads of other colours.  I have my eye on the minty one and the bright coral, lush.  It's nice and light and will look great when Spring finally decides to show it's face.  I can't wait for the mornings to brighten up and lighter evenings so I can go walking and sit in beer gardens... 

Monday, 12 March 2012

Jenny Craig - Week One

I have now completed the first week of my Jenny Craig diet food trial.  I have had some really nice meals and some not so good ones, guess that will always be the way when you're as fussy as me.  I have had days where I could have eaten everything in sight and still felt hungry after each meal but on the whole I have been satisfied with the food and am proud to say have managed to stick the plan 100% even on the day I didn't like either of my meal choices.

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen these photos already, I have tweeted a picture of each new meal.  I opted to have just the raspberry porridge breakfast option as I don't really like the other choices and I usually eat plain porridge for breakfast every day.





I wanted see how the Jenny Craig plan compares to Weight Watchers so I have been pointing everything I eat.  On Weight Watchers I get 26 points a day (plus the standard 49 weeklies) and I averaged 26 points per day over the course of the first week. 

Monday - 28
Tuesday - 27
Wednesday - 26
Thursday  - 27
Friday - 24
Saturday - 28
Sunday - 25

I haven't actually lost weight this week which has really shocked me. I don't understand why and cannot wait to speak to my counselor later to see what she says.  It's not all bad though as my measurements have changed by:
Chest: -½"
Waist: -1"
Stomach: -1"
Hips: -½"

That's pretty impressive in just a week! I guess inch loss is more important than weight loss but I need to see the numbers on the scale decrease to keep me motivated.

I have found it harder than Weight Watchers even though I am consuming roughly the same points.  I think that this is because the choice is taken away from you.  You have to eat set foods at set points in the day and you cannot save a few calories for a treat or dip into a weekly bank.  Saying that I have been eating much healthier foods now that I do not have the option of saving 5+ points a day for cake and chocolate!

I hadn't been fitting in any exercise before the trial began and am pleased to report that I have changed my ways! Not quite sweating it out at the gym or going for a run but I have been walking for at least an hour four times this week which is better than nothing.

A healthy lifestyle with a clean, healthy diet helps to improve and maintain your Body Mass Index (BMI). You can calculate your body mass index using this nifty calculator found on the official BMI Private Hospitals in London site.

If you are currently following a weight loss plan please let me know which one and how you are finding it.  Most of you will know that I am a member of Where Are My Knees and we are always looking for guest bloggers to share their inspirational stories and advice so please let me know if you are interested in writing for us.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Guided Tour... The Bedroom

I've saved my favourite room til last, our bedroom.  It's my favourite room because it contains my favourite place in the whole world - bed!  There really is no where that can beat being snuggled up in your own bed.  It's not normally this tidy, I had just cleaned the carpets so had to put my toiletries away and hang all my clothes up.  The whole room is based around our doggie doorstop and a union jack cushion which were purchased before the flat was actually completed.  I love the red walls and the slick white gloss furniture, I think it works well with the contrasting black gloss mirrors.

The artwork is fairly simple in our bedroom.  Gray designed and hand-cut the two paper cutouts.  I made the scrabble frame above our bed which says 'Sweet Dreams'.  The two square frames contain cards that Gray bought me and we now have a few of our favourite wedding photos on display too.

We also have an en-suite but Gray is in the middle of painting the walls in there so it's not that interesting.  That's it, guided tour completed!  I hope you enjoyed the little trip round my home.  Let me know if you do similar posts as I would love to have a nosy too!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Polka Face

I wore this dress to a meeting this week, it's nice and smart but still has me written all over it!  I love the varying size polka dots and of course the fact that it's flattering and made me feel tiny.  Result! It was a bargain £20 in the Oasis sale.  I teamed it with my favourite Missguided shocking pink blazer and a slick of Topshop's all about me lipstick.

Dress: Oasis
Blazer: Missguided

What do you think of my hair? I have been wearing it in a centre parting the last few days.  My hair usually annoys me so I clip it off my face but I am kinda feeling the centre parting.  It feels a bit 90's!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday Wants

This wishlist wasn't meant to be minty but it seems I am currently drawn to it! I normally hate pastels as they totally wash me out but this seasons pastels are brighter and much more wearable.  Thank god we have an alternative from Spring = Nauticals this year.  That was getting very boring.  I am loving mint, candy pink and lilac right now.  I also want to buy the Missguided Aldara dress in two of the colours I skipped - the candy pink and mint versions. Swoon.

Watch: asos

What are you currently craving??

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pink Sorbet

I've been experimenting with clothes other than dresses recently.  I haven't always just worn dresses, in fact I used to wear a lot of skirts and tops.  I used to own almost as many skirts as I did dresses.  I guess that as I put weight on I found that dresses are just better at hiding it.  They are far more forgiving so I tried to hide my weight gain as best as I could.  Now that it is coming off (I can happily say that I am mostly a size 10 again now) I am again turning to cute little skirts and am mostly loving all the ice cream shades that are everywhere at the moment.  Teamed with a pair of black opaques of course, it's far too cold to even consider bare legs at the moment!

 Skirt: Topshop
Shirt: Matalan
Jumper: H&M

It's been so cold recently that I need the jumper for a bit of warmth... thought it was meant to be Spring now?!  I felt really girly in this candy pink outfit and the skirt got loads of compliments, such a nice shade.  Kudos to the lovely Gem for sharing this shirt with us all via her instagram snaps.  As soon as I saw it and found out that it was only £16 from Matalan I knew I needed to make it mine!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Jenny Craig

I am sure you've all seen the advert where Mel B tells the viewers to call Jenny, thankfully Jenny called me instead (well her PR team emailed me but that doesn't sound as good...) I have been offered the chance to trial Jenny Craig for a month and blog about my experiences.  Charlene has already done this for Where Are My Knees, Sarah on her own blog and the lovely Rosie is currently part way thru her trial.

With Jenny Craig you get your diet food delivered to your door and just need to add fruit and veggies to bulk up your meals.  The meals are foil packed so do not require refrigeration, I selected the foods I liked and received a whole months worth in one go along with a meal plan for each week.  I get 1200 calories a day not including the calories from the vegetables that I need to add to my lunch and dinner. 

You get a call from one of their consultants each week to check on your progress, answer any questions you may have and generally offer you support.  My consultant is called Leanne and I have already had a welcome call to explain the plan to me.  She is going to call again this week to check I am not having problems following the plan and then if everything is okay we will just have a weekly chat.  There is also a help line you can call if you have any questions or just generally need some support with the plan.

I am starting my trial today and have raspberry porridge, chorizo & mixed bean soup and roast chicken with mashed potato to look forward to.  In addition to this I am instructed to have a Jenny Craig snack and certain other snacks and accompaniments to each meal.  Day one looks like this...

The food provided by Jenny Craig:

I then need to add the following:

Okay so I am not going to eat that whole bag of carrots but you get the idea! You don't go longer than a couple of hours without some kind of food on the plan.  I have to eat my breakfast within an hour of waking, today I have to add 1 cup of semi skimmed milk and a portion of fruit to my breakfast.  For a snack I then have a couple of fromage frais.  Next up is lunch which I need to add a minimum of 1 cup of salad to.  I don't really like actual salads so am just going to snack on pepper, carrot batons and cucumber.  I then get a Jenny Craig snack (either a biscuit/cereal bar or a packet of crisp type snack).  I need to add a minimum of 1 cups worth of veggies to dinner and finish the day with another piece of fruit.  In addition to this I can choose up to three 'limited choices' these include certain condiments, fruits and most importantly for me options hot chocolate!! YAY!! 

I have had the last few days off WeightWatchers so have had my fill of my favourite foods and am going to try and do the whole month without eating out.  You can of course eat out whilst on the plan, your consultant will talk you through your best options.  

I am going to keep you updated on my progress and I have also decided to compare Jenny Craig to WeightWatchers and track the points that I am eating.  All of the Jenny Craig food comes with full nutritional information.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Guided Tour... Odds & Sods

Or hallway/office & bathroom to be more precise.

Hallway - I love the sunshine-ness of our hallway.  It's light, bright and airy and never fails to put a smile on my face.  I fell in love with this typographic print of the UK and had to own it, I think it looks perfect against the orange wall.  Gray made the other prints in our hallway and an orange velvet door curtain adds the finishing touch whilst keeping out any draughts!

Office - We've only recently turned our spare bedroom into an office, before then it had become the dumping ground for all things wedding related.  There are still a few boxes of wedding crap in one of the corners but we can finally make use of this room again.  This is where I take most of my outfit photos against my huge white gloss wardrobe.  It's from Ikea and I love that it has a sliding door, very space saving!  I haven't included a photo of the wardrobe as it can be seen in almost all of my outfit posts.  The silver wall was a total bitch to paint, do not recommend it even though it does look good and don't get me started on how hard that incredibly heavy mirror was to put up...

Bathroom - I never really use our main bathroom as we also have an en-suite (they are literally 10 seconds from each other, such over kill!)  I don't like sitting in the bath and the shower in the en-suite is much easier to get in and out of when you've first woken up.  We painted a couple of the walls this amazing purple colour to match the purple amtico tiles we have our eye on.  I mainly keep spare toiletries in here as it's got more storage than the en-suite.  I love the quirky mirror from Suck UK, having a wiper blade makes it easier for Gray to have a shave in a steamy bathroom.

Just our bedroom left to share now, that will have to wait til I have hung up a few clothes! haha

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