Friday, 24 February 2012

Magic Pants!

Not something you'd normally admit to owning but sometimes you just need a pair of Magic Knickers!!  I've been asked a few times by other bloggers if I own any or can give recommendations and the answer is most definitely yes!

Gok Wan may be a massive over accessoriser but one thing he does well is create shape wear.  I have had a pair of his now discontinued 'slicker knickers' from Simply Yours for a good five years and I swear by them.  Funnily enough I bought them when I was at my smallest (isn't that always the way) and love how they pull me in and smooth me out.  I wear them over the top of my tights so went for a black pair, they really do work wonders.  Just don't wear them if you're going out for a massive meal as you will be uncomfortable by the end of it!

The pants that replaced the Slicker Knicker are called Brief Encounters and retail at £18.  They have a vintage look about them and thankfully are no where near as ugly as most hold it all in pants.

It feels good to share this information with you guys, like the time when I confessed to being a lover of shoulder pads!

*this post is in collaboration with Simply Yours*


  1. I'm inbetween sizes at the moment so I think a pair of these would be handy. I like the huge ones that go all the way up to your bra, good job I'm single xx

  2. These actually look gorgeous! £18 isn't too bad, though it feels like £18 for a pair of pants haha, I think I want these! (or need)

  3. Love a good pair of magic knickers!!

  4. Every girl should have a pair of these! I have some from a brand called Solidea which apparently tone you as you walk as well as sucking in. Now thats magic.

  5. Sometimes I think shapewear has the tendency to flatten you out in the wrong way, I know I've had some which has made me look like a bit tube with no shape. But I agree smaller briefs etc are really good.



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