Sunday, 29 January 2012

Viva la Diva!

I have become a bit obsessed with shoes again recently.  After wearing the same few pairs all the time even though I have way over 100 pairs to choose from they have started to infiltrate my lust list again.  Even though I have quite small feet (size 4.5 to be precise) I struggle with them being quite wide and most flats seem to leave me with sore spots on the widest bit.  I can't normally wear cute little ballerinas because of this and we all know how cute they look with a pretty skater dress.  Hope is on the horizon though with these wide fit shoes from Viva la Diva, aren't they gorgeous?!

I love the bow and stud details on the black ones, they are pretty much my ideal ballet flats.  The navy and cream ones will be great for Spring when no doubt nautical colours will be everywhere.  I still struggle to wear black shoes with navy and I can't be the only one!

Viva la Diva also stock loads of shoes for those blessed with regular shaped feet.  Their brand listing is extensive including Kurt Geiger, Schuh and Irregular Choice, worth knowing if you are trying to hunt down that must have sales bargain in your size!  My top three pairs have to be:

The first pair are just perfect, purple Mary Jane's will always be a winner in my eyes.  I ADORE the heel detail on the Schuh pair & the nude colour means they will go with everything.  The third pair are the ones most likely to end up at the bottom of my wardrobe, as much as I love the look of sky scraper platforms I just cannot walk in the damn things! Why must something so beautiful be such an object of torture?!  The quilted detail and gold studs of the mid heels fits in perfectly with my style and I know I could wear these 24/7 without a grimace in sight!!

Has anyone ordered from Viva la Diva before?  I want to know what the service is like before I place my order.

*this post is in collaboration with Viva la Diva*


  1. I would love to have small feet ! My mum and sister have size 3 and 4 feet, me on the other hand have been blessed with size 7. I used the would blessed loosely have course ! I have noticed my feet getting wider the longer I live in my flats. But I can't wear heals all day, oh the dilemmas ! I love Mary Janes so the Carvella ones are definitely the winner for me !! Catherine XxXx

  2. Oooh I love the bow ones and the quilted ones! Gorgeous! xx

  3. Love your picks Sarah! Especailly the last pair!

  4. Such beautiful shoes! I want them all! x

  5. I have the schuh ones, except mine aren't peep toe. I wore them at New Year and I loooove them. They're such an awesome shade too!

  6. your first post of bow shoes are giving me an idea for a DIY! i made some bows for my flats recently too!



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