Saturday, 5 November 2011

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Let's Talk About Coats!

Unusually for me I have had difficulty finding the perfect winter coat this year.  I normally spot the perfect coat as soon as they hit the shops and snap it up right there and look lovingly at it for a few weeks til it's finally cold enough for me to wear it.  I made my move yesterday and this is what I have gone for:

I didn't think much of this when I first saw it online but they had a return in my local Miss S and I fell in love.  Wasn't my size so when I found they only had one left online and in my size I knew it was meant to be!!  Can't wait for it to arrive :)  

My other contenders were...

Coat: Warehouse
Absolutely adore the colour of this one but was put off by the belt and the massive pockets.

Everything is perfect about this apart from the length, just too long for me.  Would be my dream coat if only it was shorter/not so expensive to have it taken up!

Coat: Dahlia
This was nearly mine but the contrast detailing on the Miss S coat stole my heart!

Coat: Topshop
This only came online yesterday and hasn't actually been available to buy (think they have the price wrong, a similar one is £250!!) but it's beautiful and if it does end up being stocked at £98 I think I will have to make it mine. 

Have you bought your winter coat yet?  What did you go for?

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