Friday, 28 October 2011

The Cosmo Blog Awards 2011

Thank you so so much to everyone who took the time and voted for Where Are My Knees!  I am sure you've all read our tweets by now but in case you missed them we were highly commended (i.e. we came second!!)  Totally over the moon with the result and I guess that means we can say we write an award winning blog now :)  The full list of winners can be found here.  I am a totally crap blogger and took a total of one photo during the whole event so have stolen photos from various places...

Photo booth fun via

With my fellow WAMKer Gemma

 Me, Lauren, Olivia, Jazmine and Caroline

With my roomies, Lily, Gemma, Lauren, Olivia and Lyzi

A couple of photos stolen from the MissGuided facebook page 
The link above takes you straight there if you want to see more.

And a street style one from the Cosmo site
again there are more if you click the link

I'm like a rabbit in headlights but you get to see my whole outfit in this one. I am wearing an old Topshop dress that I LOVE, with a boohoo jacket, Dorothy Perkins heels and the red River Island clutch I searched high and low for.  I felt like a million dollars :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday Wants - Award Fabulous!

Tonight I am attending the Cosmo blog awards on behalf of my collaborative blog where are my knees.  The dress code is award fabulous so this weeks wishlist is all sparkly!  They would be great for the looming Christmas parties too.  I love all of these dresses and hopefully one day they will all suit me...

 Dress: asos

Dress: Zara

Dress: asos

Dress: Warehouse

Dress: Topshop

What would you have chosen to wear?  Please link me to your favourite glamorous dresses :) I am definitely cracking out the sequins tonight, I cannot wait.  So, so excited.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us, it would be AMAZING to actually win!! Will share my outfit photos with you soon, keep your eye on my twitter to find out who wins what :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Engagement Photos

Hello my lovelies.  My life is really hectic right now, it's only about a month til I get married!!  Eeeekkk where as the time gone?!  I still have a fair bit of DIY to finish before the big day which is filling every spare moment between work, dress fittings, hen nights and attending some amazing events which I am so incredibly excited about!

Tomorrow night I am going to the cosmo blog awards with two of the other where are my knees writers Sarah and Gemma, I am sure we will all be tweeting like crazy whilst at the event so make sure you keep an eye out in case we actually win or something silly like that... how amazing would that be?!

Luckily I was able to find the time to have some engagement photos taken.  Both the boyf and I hate being in front of the camera.  I feel very awkward and forced so it was important to me to meet our wedding photographer before hand so she could work out how on earth she was going to get some good photos of us on the day.  Did I also mention that I HATE PDA?! Kinda hard to avoid on your wedding day! haha.  Thankfully Sassy is one talented lady and I can actually say that I enjoyed having my photo taken for the first time ever.  I love the way they have turned out especially since the boyf has trimmed down the tops of my arms for me... just need to get this body in real life now ;)  The dress I am wearing is from Topshop and even though it's from the tall range it's the perfect length on me.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday Wants

Hey guys, these weeks are flying by and I am aware that I haven't gotten round to posting again this week.  I hope to rectify this real soon.  A few beauties have caught my eye this week...

 Dress: asos

 Dress: New Look

Dress: New Look

Just lovely!  I think the asos is my favourite, I love the black band round the waist, makes it look tiny.  What have you guys been coveting this week?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday Wants

A wishlist with a difference this week... I can't get enough of leopard print at the moment and there's so many amazing pieces that I just had to share with you lot!

 Dress: asos

 Boots: asos

Clutch: Warehouse

 Coat: New Look

 Shoes: Topshop

Just gorgeous yeah?! I love the asos dress but am a bit worried that being made of fake fur it would look a bit like a fancy dress costume. BUT IT'S SO LOVELY!  I want them all and will have to resist the urge to wear them all together...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday Wants

I had to succumb to the sunshine at the weekend and switch from my beloved tights back to leggings :( BUT the weather is getting back to normal and the tight wearing can recommence! Yay.  One thing I love about the influx of A/W clothing is the reappearance of velvet.  I adore velvet, the texture, the appearance - it just looks so opulent.  It's always in such lovely rich jewel colours too which make me very happy.  Topshop are usually my go to shop for a velvet dress and they haven't let me down this year.  I had to order both of these as soon as I laid eyes on them, so gorgeous!

 Dress: Topshop

How amazing is this?! Seriously if I could design my perfect velvet dress it would look like this.  Maybe minus the glitter spots and of course available in several colours!  This little beauty is arriving today, I hope it isn't a let down!

Dress: Topshop

I already have this dress in a few different colours but in a jersey fabric for my honeymoon and it fits so well.  I had difficulty choosing between this yummy wine colour and the blue version but the wine just edged it.  A few other dresses are screaming buy me this week too, a good influx of new stock!

The colour, the sleeves and the (p)leather collar sold this dress to me.  How amazing is that collar?!  Quite pricey at £64 but the details make it worth it.

How cute is this?!  I love everything about it from the colours to the little details to the actual fabric.  I really want need this dress!

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