Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday Wants

Good morning all!  Hope everyone is feeling good :)  I am still on cloud 9 after WAMK being shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award.  Seriously it is amazing.  We had no idea we had even been nominated as we hadn't asked for nominations or put our little blog forward for one ourselves.  Makes me so proud that WAMK obviously means as much to you guys as it does to us.  The whole reason we set it up in the first place :)

Shockingly my Wednesday Wants does not include any dresses this week... I know right?! What is this tomfoolery!  I have found that I enjoy wearing heels again now providing they are not the sky scrappers I used to wear ALL DAY.  I seriously don't know how I used to live in heels as they kill my feet after about 5 minutes now.  Yesterday I saw these and fell in love.  I NEED!

Amazing.  I am a closet magpie and love everything that glitters and sparkles but for some reason you can only really get away with it on the lead up to Christmas.  Can't wait to crack out the sequins this year!

What's your can't live without item at the moment?


  1. Oooh these are gorgeous! New Look have got lots of sparkly flats in at the moment for around £18 I think. I wanted the black but I seem to be inbetween sizes so boo!

  2. ooo shiny :) Love them! And well done for WAMK for making it to the shortlist :)

    The Deer Head


  3. ooh i like them, and i definitely would wear them all year round, not just xmas!

  4. super cute shoes. :) x

  5. after seeing these shoes on your blog i fell instantly in love. to the point i rang my local store, reserved them and went and bought them!! all in the space of a few hours :P so thank you for posting about them =) xx


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