Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday Wants

I am not happy about this mini heatwave! I've just got all comfy again in my 120 deniers and snuggly cardis and I do not want to give them up... I am going to suck it up and try not to swelter in this heat whilst still wearing my favourite autumnal pieces.  Enough of moaning about the weather and onto a few of the items that have caught my eye this week:

 Dress: Boohoo

I already have a dress in this style from asos, I really love it and wouldn't mind adding this colourway to my collection.  This one is from and is a fraction of the price, in fact you could buy two from boohoo and still have some change!

 Dress: Oasis

I'm not too sure on the white waistband but I really love the monotone of this dress, there's something really classic about dressing in just black and white with maybe a smearing of red lipstick!
Dress: Warehouse

I love the button detailing on this dress and think it would look great layered with a long sleeve top underneath as we head into A/W.  Great colour too!
What have you got your eye on this week?  Are you, like me, going to stick to your opaques and chunky knits or are you going to embrace the last of the summer and strip off?!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Skater Stripes

I thought it was about time I got round to starting up outfit posts again.  It's been far too long and I have really missed sharing my purchases with you guys.  I have a kinda blank wall in my living room but as you can see the central heating controls are stuck in the way :(  Please ignore these til I can start using my spare room again!  My lovely boyfriend bought me this dress a couple of weeks ago and I love it! It's not as full skirted as I usually wear but I am not going to let that bother me.  The only thing I am not keen on is the white band around the waist, would have been far more flattering in any of the other colours!

Dress: Warehouse

I don't think the horizontal stripes are that unflattering and I adore the mix of colours.  I am loving purple and teal together at the moment.  I'm off out soon for a big fat curry with friends, Slimming World friendly choices will be made!  Have a great Saturday night whatever you're doing guys :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday Wants

Good morning all!  Hope everyone is feeling good :)  I am still on cloud 9 after WAMK being shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award.  Seriously it is amazing.  We had no idea we had even been nominated as we hadn't asked for nominations or put our little blog forward for one ourselves.  Makes me so proud that WAMK obviously means as much to you guys as it does to us.  The whole reason we set it up in the first place :)

Shockingly my Wednesday Wants does not include any dresses this week... I know right?! What is this tomfoolery!  I have found that I enjoy wearing heels again now providing they are not the sky scrappers I used to wear ALL DAY.  I seriously don't know how I used to live in heels as they kill my feet after about 5 minutes now.  Yesterday I saw these and fell in love.  I NEED!

Amazing.  I am a closet magpie and love everything that glitters and sparkles but for some reason you can only really get away with it on the lead up to Christmas.  Can't wait to crack out the sequins this year!

What's your can't live without item at the moment?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Where are my knees has only gone and got it's self nominated for a Cosmo blog award!!

We are all incredibly excited and cannot thank whoever nominated us enough, you rock.

Please, please take the time to vote for us, it would totally make our day life.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday Wants

Hey, hey! I was going to shock you all today with a little outfit post but my skin has different ideas and has decided to rebel with a mini breakout party on my chin :(  I can't wait to share what I have been buying with you all and I think I have found a wall to take photos against!! Soon, I promise!! Anyway onto the goodies for this week.  I am hoping my lovely boyfriend reads this and decides to treat me to one or two items from it ;)  Every girl deserves to be spoilt once in a while!

Dress: Warehouse

I adore the colours of this one, in fact I love them! Only thing that concerns me is how the stripes work around the waistband as I would only want it if all the stripes are straight and the dress is put together well.

Dress: Oasis

I know I have a zillion dresses very similar to this but this one has pockets which makes it a winner in my eyes and it's the perfect shade of purple.  Looks like it would be a great length for work as well as play - I'm sold!

Lace? Check! Crushed Velvet? Check! Gorgeous Fit? CHECK!! Not so great price? Check :( Ah well what is a wishlist if it doesn't contain an out of reach item or two?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Something For The Weekend!

I saw this beautiful dress this morning and just had to share it:

Dress: Topshop

Isn't it just perfect?!  It's by Jones and Jones and I think it's priced reasonably at £65.00.  It only comes in sizes 8, 10 & 12 though so my question to you lot is how do Jones and Jones dresses fit?  I think I may need this little beauty in my life :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Illustrations by essbeevee

Here I am again to tell you about the incredibly talented Sarah's illustration work.  I knew I wanted an illustration to use for my wedding and I knew that there was only one person who I wanted to draw it and luckily Sarah said yes.  I absolutely love Sarah's work.  You only have to look at the cute little drawings on her blog to see why.  The nipped in waists, the cutesy faces and of course the dresses.  Sarah sent me over some rough sketches to make sure she had captured my brief and then set to work to create this:

I am totally blown away, it's absolute gorgeous and far more beautiful than anything I imagined.  I really, really recommend Sarah's work.  After the amazing reaction of those who saw my very excited tweet Sarah has now created a page for those interested in commissioning an illustration.  Prices start at just £35 and mine was definitely worth every penny spent and a whole lot more.

Thank you Sarah, it is perfect

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Button Bouquet Tutorial

Sorry, long over due Button Bouquet Tutorial.  This is really simple to make and the results are stunning.  The hardest bit is finding enough buttons to match your colour scheme.  It's also not a cheaper alternative to a fresh flower bouquet but it definitely costs less than the £200 most sellers seem to market them at.

 You will need a mix of different size buttons in different finishes.  I also bought sparkly earrings and rings and pulled the backs off them to make the overall bouquet prettier. 

I used 26 gauge florist wire for this one and doubled them up for most stems.  It needed to be very flexible so I could easily shape the bouquet and that the bouquet stem wouldn't end up too bulky with once all the individual stems were combined.  

Take a selection of different buttons

Thread them onto the floristry wire

Each stem should look like this!

This stem is going to have an earring glued to it so I have wrapped a pipe cleaner around the head of the stem to give it some support.  I made roughly 100 stems for the finished bouquet

Once you have all the completed stems twist bunches of them together and them wrap these bunches together til the bouquet starts to take shape.

To hide all the wires I purchased a bouquet holder.  I didn't end up using this one as I managed to find a creamy lace one that matched my Sisters dress

I forgot to take photos of the next stages so will do my best to describe them:

Remove the bouquet holder and cover the stem in double sided carpet tape.

Tightly wrap ribbon around the stem from the bottom upwards. Tie the end at the top.

Replace the bouquet holder and add some ribbon tails if you wish.  I did this by tying a length of ribbon round the bouquet and hid it under the holder allowing just the tails to peep out

I then covered the end of the holder with more carpet tape and ribbon.

The finished bouquet:

If you have any questions or need any help with any of the stages drop me an email or leave me a comment below :)

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