Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday Wants

Got a few delights for you today, I'm so excited by all the Autumn/Winter stock that's arriving.

This dress is made out of crepe so it will hang like a dream.  How great will it look with a pair of lovely opaque black tights?  Its limited edition so I am guessing it won't be widely available in store.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for more colours!

 Dress: Missguided

I can't get enough of Missguided at the moment.  It's like they have gotten into my head and lifted all the dresses I would really like to own and then made them super cheap, perfection!  I love leopard print and I will never, ever apologise for this... I am just waiting for them to realise they need to make their amazing lace dress in a vivid purple and all my dreams will have become reality!

Dress: New Look

Sorry for the dodgy blurry photo, New Look obviously don't like me borrowing their images :(  This isn't my usual style but there's something about it.  You can't tell from the dodgy photo but it has little tan circles on it that kinda remind me of cheerios.  I would most likely pin the neckline a bit higher but that's just me.

This isn't really part of my wishlist as I have already purchased it, tried it on and decided to return it :(  The skirt is too a-line and not full enough for my tastes.  I ignored my work colleagues comments of fetish parties too!!  I adore leather and will not be put off.

What have you been lusting after recently?


  1. I love the leather dress!! It's gorgeous!


  2. I love the first one - gorgeous dress and colour!

  3. That first dress is gorgeous. I try to not read your wants, because they become mine too ;).


  4. You always have such great missguided reccomendations, I've just popped over to their website and I'm happy with the 22.00 price aswell : )
    So glad it's payday on Friday


  5. That mustard-ish yellow dress from DP is lovely isn't it...on my list too!

    Eda ♥

  6. That leopard print dress is gorgeous! I love leopard too, its a classic now xx

  7. I bought the leopard print one a couple of days ago, absolutely adore it! The mustard dress is gorge too! xx

  8. have you seen vipxo's latest post? some lovely dresses on abey for £13, you should check it out. Don't think I would be daring enough to wear leather xx

  9. Love the first and second dress :) xx

  10. now im lusting after the leopard print dress! LUSH

    enter my giveaway :)


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