Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday Wants

I am teasing myself with these wish lists :(  I have promised that I will only buy two dresses a month whilst saving for our wedding... ARGH!! Maybe I should set a total limit instead and then when Missguided make loads of lovely dresses I need I will be able to buy more than two! My favourites this week would definitely break the bank...

 Leopard Dress: Zara

Cherry Dress: asos

Green Shirt Dress: Warehouse

I've been scouring the internet for wedding dress inspiration so maybe my next wishlist will be wedding themed!  I am going to see a dress maker on Saturday to design my dream dress and am very excited! Luckily we found her bridal shop whilst looking for my sister's dress and I know she will be able to interpret what I want and that the end result will be perfect!  I cannot wait to see my sister's finished dress at her final fitting in a few weeks.  I have almost finished her button bouquet so will share that with you soon and write a tutorial for those that are interested, I've really enjoyed making it.


  1. Love those Zara bubble tempted to treat myself but meant to be saving for a brum brum!! Its my driving test on Friday eeek!

    Go on treat yourself ♥

    Eda ♥

  2. I'd love to hear about how to make the button bouquet. It's such an interesting and different idea

  3. AHHH LOVE them alll! Hard times! Cant wait to see the finished button bouquet, i think it's such a better idea than having flowers that will die! When I get my own places I think ill just have vases of button bouquets rather than real flowers! xxx

  4. that zara dress is gorgeous! primark has some very similar dresses to the last one for about £15 :) x

  5. I love the Warehouse dress, it's such a gorgeous colour. I'm loving all the 50s inspired shirt dresses that are around at the moment!

  6. beaut dresses! can just imagine how pretty your wedding dress will be.


  7. Love the cherry and shirt dress, so pretty!

    How about every time you resit the urge to buy a dress you about a pound to the wedding dress fund - or any other treat, that way you won't feel like you're missing out on dresses as much?

    Very much looking forward to seeing your wedding dress btw, and congratulations!


  8. I'm already looking forward to your wedding inspired post! :) Out of those three,Zara is my favourite, without a doubt! It always is haha! :)

  9. Charlene is right, Primark has loads of nice shirt dresses at the moment.
    I love weddings, I'm designing my friends wedding cake with her next week, so excited!

  10. That shirt dress is lovely, I love the colour! :)

    Maria xxx


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