Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wednesday Wants

Not much has taken my fancy in the last week to be honest BUT I have still found a couple of gems that I wouldn't mind owning...

 Dress: Peter Jensen

 Dress: Closet

Dress: TBA

There really isn't many dresses taking my fancy at the moment, makes it easy for me to restrain from buying til I have achieved my WhereAreMyKnees? Pledge!


  1. The first and last in particular are goooorgeous and look so cute and comfy!


  2. I love the middle dress, reminds me of school for some reason! £50 seems a little pricey for it though..

    Fiona x

  3. The closet one is lovely, not seen a print like that before x

  4. I LOVE the Closet dress, that is practically perfection in a dress as far as I'm concerned!


I love comments, thank you xx

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