Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday Wants

Helllllloooooooo!! Long time no speak my lovelies.  Hope you are all well and have missed me :)  Sorry for going AWOL just have so much stuff going on and I have been far too tired to even consider snapping photos of my tired face.  I will rectify this soon, I promise.  Hopefully you will all be able to tell that I am now 19lbs lighter since starting Slimming World.  Very happy at my progress but I still have far to go to get to my target for when I get married in November.  Just promise you'll tell me if I get too carried away and start to look my age ;)

Enough of my waffle, let's get on with the dresses!  I have been a really good girl and haven't bought any clothes in two whole weeks! That must be a record for me.  It hasn't stopped me compiling a wishlist of the gems I have found in the last week to share with you all.

 Dress: Zara

This dress is just the most perfect shade of purple.  I am still loving block colours opposed to prints and am missing a vibrant purple in my collection.  Purple is my favourite colour but I always worry about looking too gothy in purple but there is no chance of that in this little beauty!

 Dress: TFNC via asos

 Another block colour dress, I don't own any yellow dresses and this one is just gorgeous.  I love the button detail and the fullness of the skirt, in fact I love everything about it!

Dress: Dahlia

I am still loving florals although not choosing to wear them that often.  I think this one will look great come winter with some thick black tights and I adore the little collar.  Not keen on the price though, Dahlia have really upped their prices recently with this dress coming in at £70!!  Will just have to wait for it to go to half price in their sale, they have really good sales and have one on at the moment if you're interested!

My Witch giveaway ends today so don't forget to enter if you haven't yet done so, there are 10 concealers to give away so you stand a good chance of winning one!


  1. Well done on the weight loss, that is amazing! You looked fabulous before losing the weight!

    We have missed you! Good to have you back! :)

  2. Love the purple dress-Zara always do lovely ones!

    Love Amie xxxx

  3. That floral dress is so pretty but 70 quid does sound like a bit too much. glad to see you back in the blogging world, hope all the wedding prep is coming along nicely

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Love the blue dress, 19lbs is amazing!

  5. That Zara dress is fab, reminds me of the blue dress you wore last time I saw you! Hope the prep isn't too stressful :)

    Maria xxx

  6. Well done on 19lbs! That's AMAZING.

    That Zara dress is beautiful. Need it!

  7. 19lbs? That must be a whole leg! Well done. Love that purple dress, don't let the goths have all the fun.

  8. Loving your blog! I too LOVE dresses! I am a new follower ;) Follow me too!

    xoxo Denise

  9. That Yellow Dress~ LOVE!

    Im your new follower!


  10. ooo i love that zara dress. just gorgeous.


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