Friday, 10 June 2011

Snap Happy!

The moment I saw this little beauty I knew it HAD to be mine!  I had searched high and low for a pretty camera bag to no avail so settled on a smallish black bag with a yucky strap.  It was my best option until River Island delivered the goods with this, beautiful and functional!

Camera Bag: River Island

Lots of pockets and plenty of room for my camera I am hoping this means I will take my camera out with me more often... and maybe even learn to use it without relying on auto!

And if you need something a bit bigger to fit in all those lenses River Island haven't forgotten about you at all, there are two other larger options:

Now if only they would start making bags that didn't have that little River Island emblem on I would love them forever!  I guess I should be grateful that it's more discreet than it used to be :)


  1. That looks quite snazzy! I just carry mine in a cheap primark bag but the shoulder rubs and I get annoyed. And I also need to learn how to use mine properly xx

  2. Oh wow, I'm on the hunt for a camera bag atm too - thank god theres some pretty versions! x

  3. Ohh thats really pretty. I wish i had a proper camera insted of my old tiny one!Xx

  4. i love the case you got. more places need to start selling cute camera bags. i just use a tote bag when i take my camera out and about, probs not the best for a slr! xx

  5. the camera bag is lush, I really want on now

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. Cute camera bag, now want one even though I only have a tiny camera :P

    Wondering why you don't like the River Island emblem? Has it been explained in a previous post? I'm a relatively new follower so don't know. Personally I LOVE it.

    Much Love

  7. I really do think that River Island do the best bags on the high street, so stylish! This one is great, camera bags are usually so boring.

  8. I love this idea of a pretty camera bag, I currently have mine in a boring black case so these look fab!

    Maria xxx


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