Thursday, 9 June 2011

My New Favourite Shoes

I have a fair few pairs of Converse but I never wear them anymore, the laces just annoy me so when I came across these Office exclusives I knew they had to be mine, perfection!

Converse: Office

I love that they are low cut and more girly than regular Converse and they are oh so comfy.  Only gripe is that I would love a red pair too but they only come in black, white and navy.  Welcome back to my wardrobe Converse, I've missed you :)


  1. They're lovely! I'm actually thinking about getting a pair of white converse high tops, just trying to think how much wear I'd get from them! x

  2. Aah, converse. The essence of my life :)

  3. Ohh i love them i'm a trainner girls mostly and i'd love to add these to my collection! XX

  4. aw they are cute, i really want some converse back in my life. worried i'll look like i'm trying to be 15 again though xx

  5. You failed to add to the blog "my gorgeous sister found this
    And told me I have to have them, because she couldn't afford them" my little sister is the best :D


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