Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday Wants

I do seem to buy most of my wishlist items so maybe I should treat it more like a shopping list than a wishlist?!  Saying that I haven't been able to find the first dress on last weeks yet and I have tried on the other two and didn't like them in reality!

I have managed to find some more lovely dresses that I am lusting over this week, there are just so many gorgeous dresses around right now :)

Dress: asos 
This dress is the same shape as the leopard one I wore the other day and absolutely love.  The leopard one is very flattering and makes me feel really confident so I am hoping this one will be just as nice.  Needless to say I have actually already ordered this one and it should be arriving very shortly :)

Dress:  Missguided
This gorgeous lace dress from Missguided is very similar to the Topshop one from a previous wishlist. I have actually purchased the Topshop dress in both colours shown but haven't yet worn the orange one.  I am hoping that the missguided one might be a little longer and if it looks the same minus the sleeves then I can take the Topshop one back and save myself some ££!  The Misguided one is only £24 whereas the Topshop one is double at £48.  I am most likely to wear it with it with a cardigan anyway so you won't even notice that this one is sleeveless.

Dress:  Dahlia
Isn't this dress just beautiful?! I really love it but the length has so far stopped me from placing an order.  Coral is such a mood enhancing colour and combined with the black peter pan collar I think it is just perfect!  Kinda like a less quirky but way more sophisticated version of my last keep or return dress.

Dress: Boohoo
This dress is so adorable, I really, really love it.  The only thing I don't love is that it is from  I have found the quality of their items poor and it takes up to a month to get a refund from them which together make me very reluctant to place an order with them.  The last time I decided to take and chance and give them another go I received a dress with a big hole in the waistband and then had to wait just over a month to get my money back.  Not cool.  Have you ordered anything from recently? Do you think the quality/service has improved at all?

I can't stop thinking about the missguided dress... have any of you ordered from them before?  What are they like for sizing and service?  I have signed up to their news letter so I can get 10% off my first order :)

A few of discount codes for you:
DPVIP - 25% off everything at Dorothy Perkins til Sunday 22nd May
VC15 - 15% off at Boohoo til Sunday 22nd May
style2011 - 20% off at Warehouse til Thursday 9th June
20CODE0511 - 20% off at Oasis til Thursday 19th May

Link me to what you're currently loving :)


  1. Adore the first dress might save and buy it. Love that it has panels. Loved the dhalia dress since my post a few weeks back, so so stunning, but I agree looks short. Missguided looks beaut too though, oh woman why do you do this to me, I can't even afford one lol. Xxx

  2. Really like the look of that boohoo one but although i have seen nice things on the site, i have never ordered from them as all i've heard about is how bad the quality is.

  3. I really want to try out the shape of the first one (and your leopard one)... I think I might just have to go and browse ASOS for a bit.

  4. Your taste in dresses is amazing, I love all these, especially the first two,the colours are so pretty :) x x

  5. Love the missguided one, the colour is gorgeous! All great picks :)

  6. I LOVE the first and second one! That second one definitely looks longer than the topshop one which is promising - Theres no way I can buy the Topshop one because EVERYONE will see my arse - I'm 5'9" eek! But I do really like the sleeves on it, hmm!!

    That leopard dress is killing me btw, I really really want it! Maybe one day, haha.

    p.s I've ordered from missguided before with no problems xx

  7. That misguided dress is so lovely! I've never ordered anything from, they do have some nice things but I'm always put off from hearing stories like yours from both blogs and some of my friends! xx

  8. I said this on twitter but that asos dress is a dream! Ive been lusting at it on the website as well as a few others!

  9. The pink dress is FLIRTY AND FEMININE AND STUNNING. I want to add it to my wardrobe, its soooooo beautiful :)

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  10. These are all lovely, especially the ASOS one - but why are they sooo short?!!

    I'm waiting on this one from Oasis at the moment, which I hope will be nice with a tan belt, black opaques and brogues, or leggings and gladiator sandals, depending on the weather.

    What do you think?

  11. Oh Sarah I ordered that Miss Guided dress last week! It fitted me PERFECTLY (I ordered another one from there that was hideously small) and it was a really nice length too! unfortunately I've sent it back because I don't like high necklines and it was just bothering me too much... but I'd say def go for it. x


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