Sunday, 15 May 2011


If one more person asks me if I have been tangoed I will scream!! Seriously.

This is what I wore yesterday to meet Maria, Danni and Hannah for lunch.  We had a lovely long gossip and lunch and were very bad bloggers as none of us took a single photo even though we all had cameras... oh well!

 Dress: Topshop

I dug out my favourite ever brooch, it's amazing isn't it?!  I've had it for about 10 or so years now and knew it would look perfect on this dress :)

This orange dress featured in my Wednesday Wants a few weeks ago and you may have caught a glimpse of it in my Paris photos.  I adore it, the colour is just perfect and the shape is spot on for my body, hides all the bits I want it to :)  I actually only bought this dress on Thursday as I had bought it in a size too big but then couldn't find my size anywhere.  I NEEDED the dress so wore the first one twice and was going to get it taken in when I found a 12 :) Very happy. 

I have a size 14 that I am going to sell on eBay unless anyone wants to make me a decent offer for it?  It was £40 new and as I have already said I have only worn it twice.  It sold out straight away online and I haven't been able to find it instore until I spied a random lone dress last week.  Don't you just love it when you find the dress you have been hunting for and its your size?!

After having a little twitter chat last week I am seriously considering a blog sale.  I have a rediculous amount of dresses and shoes that I no longer wear ranging from size 8-14 and shoe size 4-5.  I would rather not have the hassle of eBay and know that they are going to a good home but at the same time I would like to get a decent price for the items... what's your opinion of blog sales?  Would you be interested?  I also have a load of Tatty Devine jewellery that I no longer wear looking for a new home ;)

Finally if you haven't caught it already our latest Sunday Summary has been published on Where Are My Knees.  I am so proud of myself as I have now managed to lose 9lbs and a total of 12 inches since I started Slimming World a month ago.  This is amazing for me and I know that it's because of WAMK and the support from you guys, especially on twitter, I can't thank you all enough.  I also cannot wait for the day that I can tell you I've lost my first stone, hopefully it won't be too long now :D


  1. Such a great colour on you and that brooch is adorable!
    You're looking great...can definitely tell that you've lost weight.
    Zoe xx

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  2. I love the colour of this dress! Your banana brooch is perfect to, so on trend! ;) I'd be interested in a blog sale.. and tatty devine jewellery?! SHOW ME!! xx

  3. This brooch is amazing, I Love it! You look so sleek and pretty :) I would be interested in your blog sale and I really like TD jewellery x

  4. That dress looks gorgeous on you - I'd definitely de interested in a blog sale, I get serious clothing envy when I see your clothes! :)

  5. "Would you be interested in a blog sale"

    YOU KNOW MY ANSWER - Yes yes yes!! Reserve all size 10's for me, I know I'll love 99% of whatever you sell <3

    Well done on the weight loss, thats an amazing amount :D xx

  6. There colour looks so good on you!!! xx

  7. I love that brooch! And yes, blog sales are always a good idea.

  8. blog sale sounds like a good idea:p your the same shoe size as me!!

  9. I really like blog sales, I think they are so much more personal, and you can do things your way rather than ebay's way. I have sold a few things recently through mine, although I have a lot more to put on!

    I love this banana brooch :) and well done on the slimming world achievements! :) xx

  10. Eeek - I love the dress and the colour is gorgeous! Not sure it will fit me though, Topshop sizes seem to hate me and my hips. :(

    Definite yes to a blog sale!!

    & Huge congrats on the weight loss hun. x x

  11. It was SO lovely to meet you in person and you are even more lovely in real life! Congratulations on the weight loss, you should be so proud of yourself :) And count me in for a blog sale!

    Maria xxx

  12. We really were bad bloggers weren't we?! Normally I can't get enough photos...I think I was too buys nattering :P
    It was so lovely to meet you though, and I'm still in love with that brooch! x

  13. That inch loss is AMAZING! I'm starting the 30 day shred tonight (if my post 10k legs let me) and can't wait! Well done lovely xx

  14. Love a blog sale, sadly none of the shoes or dresses would fit but I love jewellery!
    Well done on the weight and inch loss, so good for a month with a hen night and 2 bank holidays!!!

  15. Look at you skinny minnie1 You have done amazingly with your weight!
    Yes please about a blog sale! I would love some of your dresses haha please save the size 10s for me ;)


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