Friday, 13 May 2011

Ooh La La! Another Little Giveaway Winner

Wowzers! Sorry for the delay in this guys but as I am sure most of you blogger has been down for the best part of two days.  Absolutely ridiculous. 

Anyways on to better things like revealing the winner of my little giveaway :)

A quick reminder of the prizes:

The winner was picked at random using and the winner is...

Hannah from Bow Dream Nation

Well done Hannah :)

This actually made me laugh out loud as I am meeting Hannah for the first time tomorrow along with Maria and Danni so no need to contact me Hannah as I will bring your prize with me tomorrow!


  1. Wooo, congrats! And such a lovely giveaway :) xx

  2. Have fun at your meet up tomorrow :) xx

  3. OMG I've just seen this hahaha, thank you so much and see you later =)

    Hannah xx

  4. PS I'm logged in with my friends account haha


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