Monday, 23 May 2011

Missguided love...

I blogged my new Missguided dress yesterday and I have to say I absolutely adore it.  I really want both the blush and cream versions as it is an inch or so longer than the very similar topshop dress that we have all been loving but they are currently sold out.  I tweeted Missguided and they have informed me that some more cream ones will hit the website this week and that they will also be selling a red version and ones with sleeves soon too! RESULT!! Still want a blush one though ;)

I thought I would do a little comparison for you with my orange Topshop dress against my orange Missguided dress...

Light Orange: Topshop     Burnt Orange: Missguided

Apart from the sleeves there really isn't much difference, they are both of a similar quality and the fabric feels the same to me.  The pattern on the lace is the same too which leads me to believe they have actually used the same fabric.  The Missguided one is an inch or two longer and that's a blessing in my opinion.  I personally prefer the colour of the Missguided one but also like the Topshop one enough to keep that too!

Spot the difference?!

The main difference is the price.  The Topshop one will set you back £48 whereas the Missguided one is a purse friendly £24. The hardest part is choosing the colour you want most, I have the Topshop one in Orange, Blue, Red and Cream and want the Missguided one in Blush, Cream and Red when it comes back into stock.  My Topshop cream one is ridiculously short and I swear it has shrunk in the wash as it now only just covers my bum and my red one is now too big so I want to replace them with the Missguided versions asap :)


  1. Love them both! but think Missguided actually wins when you consider the price.. and I prefer sleeveless too! I need one in my life!


  2. I bet Missguided pay their taxes too! haha. I prefer sleeveless because I always wear cardis and sleeves can be annoying x

  3. I love the missguided one, it looks practically the same, yet half the price :) you could get two MG ones for the price of a Topshop one.... :)


  4. Glad to hear they are doing ones with sleeves. I really wanted to buy the topshop ones but it is just TOO short! I'm gonna have to force myself to actually deal with high necks haha.

  5. i love the topshop ones but theyve always looked a little short on everyone.. i saw this one on missguided the other day and its such a good price as well!


  6. I think I actually prefer the Missguided one especially as the Topshop one comes up so short!

    Maria xxx


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