Tuesday, 24 May 2011

It's In The Bag!

Thought I would give you a heads up on another little Primark treasure, their bags are spot on this season!  It's the perfect shade of pink and I am hoping it will compliment my new asos dress...

I think this little lovely will get a lot of use this summer (if we get one!!) It's not big enough to fit my iPad into but I guess I shouldn't really take it everywhere with me anyway!


  1. Yummm, this is such a beautiful colour! How do you manage to seek out all of Primark's best bags? I'mma have to go and find that satchel you had too :) x

  2. Cute bag, I love the colour!! Shame it doesn't fit you ipad though! I bought a bag from Primark yesterday (blue satchel) and though, when I eventually get an ipad it'll fit nicely in here!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. oh i have so many bags, i really should not be tempted by another one!

  4. I have too many bags, but I really want to buy this one!
    I was in Primark earlier, and the store doesn't stock it :( Hopefully they'll get it in soon!

    Tess x

  5. There is a really nice green and brown satchel in there at the moment but I have waaay too many bags so I had to leave it there :( sad times xx

  6. Ooh i really like this - my local primark never have ANY of the decent stuff though, so very frustrating >.< xx


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