Friday, 27 May 2011

Cream Delight

I have been dreaming of this day for weeks now... I am on holiday!! YAY.  It couldn't come soon enough and I cannot wait for a week of walking, relaxing, eating and generally doing anything other than work.  Bliss.  I am also really happy as I have just managed to order the Missguided dress in blush, at only £24 it would be rude not to buy the full set!  I can't wait to see what the sleeved version looks like.  The cream one again is the same fabric as the Topshop version and is thankfully a couple of inches longer.  Only downside is that the lining is thinner so you can tell I am wearing a black bra under it whereas I can totally get away with it under the Topshop dress.

 Dress: Missguided

For those of you wondering what the length is like in comparison to the Topshop dress I have popped the Topshop one over the Missguided one:

It's approx 2-3 inches longer and really does make a difference.  I just wish the Topshop ones were this length, especially the blue one which is definitely my favourite.


  1. The dress is gorgeous :) Have a great holiday! x

  2. haha i love that you're wearing two dresses. might catch on ;) x

  3. I love this dress, it's gorgeous!
    Hope you have a good holiday xx

  4. gorgeous dress and definitely a more appropriate length. I have the blue topshop version as well and it really is super short. enjoy your holiday =)

  5. the blue Topshop dress is gorgeous but this one is lovely too! The missguided one is so pretty too and a better length - but I'd miss the arms too!

    Wheres the hair clip from? So pretty =)

    Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  6. Yay for holidays! Missguided have some lovely dresses atm :)

  7. I have literally just bought this dress. I really wanted the Topshop one but I was put off by how short it was and the price. I can't wait to see their long sleeve version.

  8. Eeep, that dress really suits you! Enjoy your week off and chillax x

  9. That dress is so wonderful!


  10. I hope you have a lovely holiday and please make sure that you relax! I love this dress on you too, the length is MUCH better!

    Maria xxx

  11. the missguided one is such a more appropriate length than the topshop one! i still like them both though :)


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