Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Brief Intermission

Good morning my loves.  You might have noticed a lack of outfit photos recently and the truth is all this exercise has totally zapped me and I am struggling to fit in taking photos as an extra 30 minutes in bed is far more tempting at the moment.  I am hoping that as I get used to being more active I will actually end up with more energy not less but we shall see!

Today will be day 9 of the 30 day shred but there is no way I am any where near ready to go up to level 2 yet!  Although I haven't ached once in the 8 days I have completed I am absolutely exhausted whilst doing it and the thought of stepping up to the next level makes me want to pass out!  I can't wait til next Sunday when I am going to measure myself again as well as weigh in and share the results on WhereAreMyKnees.  I know its working, I can visibly see a difference already so all the exhaustion is worth it!  I can't believe this is my fourth week on Slimming World and I feel so much better for eating so much fresh foods and hardly any preservatives.  Although I could kill for a packet of walkers ready salted right now!

I have also made a decision not to buy as many dresses until I have lost more weight... SHOCK!!  This is going to be so hard for me as if I like it I buy it but I am trying to be good.  I only bought two dresses last week which is really, really unusual for me.  Lets hope there isn't much in my weekly wishlist tomorrow hey?!  On the plus side I have two wardrobes worth of dresses that I might be able to fit into again in a month or so and there must be many favourites that have been cast to one side once the zipper won't go past half mast!

Thank you for your comments on my brooch quest yesterday, I am busily checking out your suggestions.  I did find a couple of nice rings yesterday that I have converted into brooches but I am guessing as I am not meant to be buying many clothes I will end up with a fair few brooches instead ;)

I do read each and every one of your comments and although I no longer reply as blogger doesn't offer a decent reply option I do try and track you down and answer your question personally.  I haven't been able to do this with one question though....
Cat, I can't find a personal blog or twitter account but you wanted to know how tall I am - I am 5ft 5" Some of the dresses I wear are probably too short for both my age and weight but I wear them with either thick tights or leggings and a smile!
I'm also curious what makes readers leave a comment?  Do you read the text or just look at the photos?  I have noticed that as my reader number has gone up the comments haven't but I personally am a reader and not much of a commenter and feel almost awkward leaving comments on other blogs, am I alone in this?!

I also wanted to add that I will do a wardrobe post once I have tidied my wardrobes!  My main wardrobe is tidy but my spare one is a tip!  I have to keep moving dresses from my main one to make more room so they are rammed into the spare one which doesn't make for a pretty picture.  Most of the dresses that don't fit me are also in storage boxes on top of the wardrobes/under the bed.  I think I would really scare myself if I saw all my clothes together in one place and the boyfriend might march me off for a bit of therapy - unfortunately not of the retail kind ;)


  1. I used to comment on all the posts I read but as the number of blogs in my read list got larger, I decided I would stop leaving comments just for the sake of it. I now tend to comment only if I genuinely have something to say in response to a post..
    I would love to see wardrobe photos, I have had a recent giant clear-out of mine, but it's still taking a long time to get everything in the right place / how i want it, so i think it will be a while before the new wardrobe rooom is revealed :)

  2. YES, well done with the 30 day shred! Its actually amazing! Seeing everyone go on about it has me pining, but no, I MUST REVISE. (She says, looking at blogs) Eek!

    Most posts have me replying in my head as I go along and I like to share that! Unfortunately for me this makes most of my comments read like I've just been talking to myself! I don't get many comments at all, but love it when I do, so just want to show my support for others too! :) xx

  3. Well done for keeping up the shred, it is proper hardcore, 9 days is already such a great achievement! Although I'll miss seeing so many new posts on your blog I can only imagine you'll be a lot happier when you've lost the weight you want to. Can't wait to see your whole new wardrobe!

    I tend to comment on posts that have both interesting text and images as I find it a random leaving a comment that just says 'love the outfit'. I much prefer getting to know bloggers through what they write as well as what they wear or have bought. I've definitely found that as I get more readers, my comments dwindle. Not sure why but I still appreciate any that I get. I know people are busy haha ;) xxx

  4. What do you think of the 30 day shred? I'm considering getting it...

    I can't wait for the wardrobe post!!! I love looking at your dress collection and I aspire to have one as big!

    I used to leave lots of comments but now I only tend to leave comments if I really feel the need to reply to some of the questions.


  5. I'm confused! Did we start Shred on the same day? I thought today was day 7?! Argh!

    Would LOVE to see your dress collection too! Can't believe you *only* bought 2 dresses last week... madness!

    I find I go through phazes when it comes to commenting. I always read every post on my dashboard, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to leave comments.

  6. Well done Sarah i am starting the 30 day shred tomorro or thursday ..(as soon as ive finished my work!)

    I loved your comment "but I wear them with either thick tights or leggings and a smile" Me tooo!
    I have short chunky legs. (As my garndma refers to them as FOOTBALLERS LEGS) but a smile goes a long way.

    As you may have noticed i am a commenter but only if i have something to say... I like the blogger to know I have read and enjoyed the post. I like getting comments because wheni started blogging i did feel like no one would read or care at all about what i have to say so a little feedback is nice. lol

    Looking forward to seeing your wardrobe (nosey!) mine isnt very big but i have lots of other storage.


  7. Wow! I've wanted to try the 30 Day Shred but my other 4 workout DVD's look at me angrily if I think about it too much :P


I love comments, thank you xx

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