Thursday, 14 April 2011

You Wouldn't Believe It If I Hadn't Told You...

Can you guess where this dress is from?  It is from a shop I NEVER EVER step foot in.  They make clothes that make me cringe.  Horrible cuts, horrible fabrics and usually something really, really off like a big bit of metal detailing or something.  It's a shop I don't even consider trying when my regulars have let me down.  In my opinion it is that bad, the clothes are terrible and they are not at all cheap.  They just look cheap. Anyway onto the dress...

Gorgeous colour, lovely thick crease free fabric that hangs well and nicely cut.  Just about perfect.  It was  a bit pricey at £38 but I loved it enough to step foot into the dreaded shop.  It was hanging in the window, the colour and shape drew me in and made me want to see more.  I had to avert my eyes from the disasters surrounding it and pick it up and give it a good home.  It now sits next to many other pretty dresses in my wardrobe and fits in much better there than in that tacky shop known as JANE NORMAN! Yep Jane Norman, can you believe it!

The lovely Helen is organising a meet up in Manchester (with help from the other equally lovely Helen!) Looks like it will be the end of May/Mid June time and will be a weekend for those who work hands up who wants to attend?!


  1. Would never EVER have guessed that was from there! Great find!

  2. Jane Norman? No way!! My god I actually hate that shop...horrible stretchy jersey fabric everywhere ugh!! Beautiful dress though, and I adore the colour :o) xxx

  3. Oh wow! That's gorgeous for Jane Norman - totally agree on the none flattering opinion, that shop is so overpriced and tacky! £38 is not bad for such a little gem though :) gorgeous!


  4. Hahaha I love your description of the dreaded Norman, I hate that shop, I often feel its for prostitutes. But then I will walk past and see a bag and go Oooo but still not go in hahaha. GREAT find xxx

  5. woww its beautiful!
    can't actually believe its from jane norman ^.^
    Rosie xo

  6. This is lovely, shocked it is from that horrid shop, but you've now given it a good home x

  7. Wow, I can't believe such a nice dress is from jane norman! Will need to take a look in the next time I pass it by xx

  8. I saw that dress in the window this morning as had to do a double take. Its gorgeous and does not look like it belongs in that shop at all!
    Like you I despise Jane Norman, I think its market stall clothes sold in a shop for double the price! So tacky and chavvy!

  9. Do you know, as soon as I read the clothes that make me cringe bit I knew you were on about Jane Norman straight away! I honestly can't believe that dress has come from there, it's bloody lovely!
    Jane Norman just reminds me of a trend my school had when I was in Year 7, where people used to use Jane Norman carrier bags as regular bags, I know people who used to just buy the carrier bags, needless to say, I was never a part of this trend :')

  10. I would never have guessed! It's gorgeous!

    They never had anything so pretty in the sad, unfortunate year that I once worked there :/ it was a difficult time

  11. Blimey, I never would have thought so either, as it's so gorge! I don't like Jane Norman either BUT did find a gorgeous lace bodysuit ages ago. But in general, meh! You look so gorgeous in that dress, the belt is very Dahlia esque!


  12. I have never shopped in Jane Norman but the colour of that dress is lovely.

  13. I KNEW you were going to say Jane Norman-never set foot in there myself! But this is lovely and has changed my opinion! xoxo


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