Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer Review

Remember I won the Witch flawless follower prize a few weeks ago?  I said I would try the product out and give you a little review so here we are!

I have horrible teenage skin.  It's greasy and I am prone to blemishes.  I have tried most high street products and have found them all to be much of a much.  None of them really do anything to be honest so if I hear promises to zap that zit in four hours I just smirk and think yeah right.

My skin became terrible at puberty and I was left with little confidence and a lot of teasing from my school 'mates'.  I went on dianette aged 16 and it was my miracle drug.  Suddenly I had the skin I always dreamed of and for years I forgot that I ever had bad skin.  Unfortunately fast forward to a couple of years ago when I found out I could no longer be on the pill due to a big change in my migraines and here we are again.  I obviously never grew out of having bad skin.  Luckily this time round my face isn't that bad but it gets incredibly shiny and I could never ever not wear powder to help control it.

I was hoping that I could switch to this product from the Clinique T-Zone Shine Control cream that I use daily to keep the shine at bay but I can't.  I was actually greasy rather than just shiny on the couple of days I skipped the shine control cream.  Disappointed I decided to carry on using it but just to follow it up with my shine control cream and usual make up.  I am so glad I did.  Touch wood since I have been using it daily my skin is actually so much better.  Although it's just as greasy the primer seems to have kept any break outs at bay, my face hasn't been this clear in ages.

I can't say I have noticed my make up lasting any longer or applying better but as I am not having to cover any blemishes I am not that bothered.  Would I spend my own money and buy a replacement when this one runs out?  You bet!  I started using it the day I posted, 11th March and I use a big blob every day.  As you can see from the photo below there is still lots of product left and as it's only £4.66 at Boots.com right now it is definitely a must have product in my opinion.

Are you cursed with similar skin to me?  What products to you swear by?  I would love to hear what works for you and maybe try something I have never heard of or considered.


  1. Witch products are absolute life savers, I swear by their blemish stick!! x

  2. How long were you in Dianette for btw? I was on it for about 4 years and the Dr told me I couldn't stay on it anymore so I switched to microgynon and yasmin and now I'm on nothing because none of them are as good for my skin as Dianette. I really want to go back on to Dianette though! It really is a wonder-drug!

    I am keen to try this primer though when my current one runs out. I like clinique's anti blemish moisturiser and make up too.

  3. My skin is much the same as yours and has been for 10 years. Diannette didn't really help me that much, neither did a roaccutane based gel or numeroushigh street products. Although it's still up and down, I use MD formulations skin care which is by the same people who make Bare Minerals cosmetics. It helps, and although it's quite costly at the outset, it's actually working out cheaper because it last so much longer than all the high street face washes/scrubs etc.

    I've also found that using Mineral Make-Up has been a revelation, as it's so much lighter than even the oil free make-up I've used in the past.

    Would love to hear any other reviews should you find products that really work for you. And thanks for the review on this primer, I'd like to give it a go.

  4. I was on Dianette and it made me absolutely bonkers, I was so pleased to come off it!

    Despite being in my 30s, I still have problem-y skin. My regime for keeping it at bay is: Eve Lom cleanser, followed by Chanel moisturiser in the morning, and at night the cleanser then Trilogy Rosehip Oil. The Eve Lom and Chanel stuff are expenny, but worth it. On spots I've tried absolutely everything over the years, and swear by lavender oil and Sudocrem, both of which cost pennies! I use the YSL primer and foundation, both of which are brilliant on my oily skin.

  5. I couldn't take 'the pill' to help because it made me crazy, depressed and I cried everyday day, nasty drugs! the only thing that helped me was roaccutane. I took the course and it was fab but now my skin is getting bad again and scarring :( I've jsut bought some Clinique porducts and I will let you know if they are any good after using them for a bit longer x

  6. I used to suffer with really bad skin it has got slightly better now but I hate my skin and always wear foundation.

    I am def going to try this so thanks for the post xx

  7. I must try this , my skins not awful but I am prone to a spot or two and i think the last primer I used was causing me to break out. Great post!


  8. Sorry for the delay in replying girls.

    @Helen - I was on dianette for about 10 years. I then decided to give yasmin a go as I had heard great things and was on that for 3 years. It was fine at first but towards the end yasmin stopped working for my skin and killed my libido. I switched back to dianette for a further 3 years before being told I could no longer take any pill. My doctor said that being on dianette long term was fine as long as I was monitored and it really was the only thing that helped me. If you want to know anything else drop me an email.

    @Fashion Junkie Such a shame that nothing has really worked for you, dianette really was my life line. I tried mineral make up before my skin returned to its oily state and I didnt get on with it. I didnt like the coverage it gave and I always felt caked. It definitely would not be upto the job of oil control :(

    @Cat I used chanel make up and am willing to pay for products that work. Its crap having teenage skin in your 30's isnt it! Do you use any particular Eve Lom cleanser? Ive heard good things before.

    @Gem Roaccutane wasnt around when I needed it and dianette really was my saviour. I dont think I would be considered bad enough for it now although in my opinion I have awful skin!

    @The Brunette Foundation is my comfort blanket, even when my skin was amazing I still wore it every day. Really makes a difference to how I feel about myself. Make sure you snap it up whilst its still on offer.

    @Aimee I really havent had a breakout since I started using it, amazing!


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