Saturday, 30 April 2011

What I Packed

Morning! I thought I would share with you what I decided to take with me to Paris.  It wasn't an easy task as I just couldn't decide what I wanted to wear! 

I traveled in this Dahlia dress:

 Day Dresses:

 Zara / Jane Norman / Topshop / asos

Evening Dresses:

 Rare / Warehouse / Topshop / Topshop


 Monsoon / New Look / Wallis


 Both Primark


Warehouse / H&M + New Look / Dorothy Perkins

I packed an extra dress for both day and night just in case, you never know what might happen!  We are going to be doing loads of walking so heels are out of the question for me, I know I won't even be able to manage them in the evening, so bought the pretty wedges from my Wednesday Wants to wear on the nights out.  The eagle eyed of you will notice the orange dress from last weeks Wednesday Wants and the pink dress plus both pairs of sandals from this weeks.  They were just what I've been looking for.  Have I taken more than you would for four days/three nights?  I always try to pack as little as possible but seem to add stuff at the end 'just in case'

Hope you're all having a great bank holiday weekend :)


  1. You have packed such lovely dresses! Hope you have a fab time!

  2. You must have a hard time packing, I would just melt from dress overload haha :) at least they are easier to pack than jeans! xxx

  3. Very organised! I always take at least 1 spare outfit for those just in case situations so I don't think you've packed too much at all. Hope you have an amazing time

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Sensible packing- my parents went to Paris for their Honeymoon and for their 5th anniversary. They had sore and shredded feet. Loving the pink Zara dress and hope you have a lovely time!

  5. Love all these dresses, you will look lovely! Hope you have a great time in Paris! xx

  6. Lovely collection! I wouldn'thave been so organised. xxx


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