Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wednesday Wants

I'm far too tired to share my grumpy face with you guys this morning.  I'ld put you off your breakfast.  Roll on Friday and the start of my 11 days off work.  Bliss.  Thought I would share the dresses that have caught my eye recently and keep popping into my head tempting me to buy them...

 Dress: Topshop
 I tried this dress on in white the other day and it was far too see thru for my liking but in orange that shouldn't be an issue.  I want it!!  Gorgeous vibrant colour and perfect shape.  Would look ace with some gold sandals and a bit of a tan.  Not that I ever bare much flesh, ankles and wrists is more than enough thank you.

 Dress: Zara
 This dress is an absolute bargain at only £26.  Another lovely bright colour and perfect shape.  It currently feels like the stores are making the dresses that are floating around in my head as the 50's full skirt shape is the best shape for my body and most of these fabrics are non crease in a get-out-of-the-washing-machine-and-put-it-straight-on kinda a way, you doesn't enjoy that?!

Dress: asos
Yeah I know it's from asos and that I have fallen out with them but it's leopard print and full skirted.  It's so gorgeous.  I haven't forgiven them enough to order it yet though but I can keep taking little peeks at it and hope that one day it will be mine!

Have any dresses caught your eye recently?  Link me to the ones you've been buying/coveting!


  1. There are a LOT of lovely dresses around at the moment, but I am finding that most of them are too short for my liking :(

  2. *Currently checking bank*

    The first and third dresses are gorgeous! I swear that style always makes my hips look MASSIVE though, aren't they meant to be GOOD for pear shapes?! Beautiful none the less :)


  3. Too many gorgeous dresses atm! Love the colour of the Topshop one :)

  4. that zara dress looks lush! Can't believe it's only £26, too!

  5. My god Sarah- you need to get that orange dress..if only so i can wear it vicariously through you! x

  6. That first dress is amazing! I agree with Charlotte though, dresses are FAR too short!

    Maria xxx

  7. I've just realised something. I left a comment earlier saying that I liked the first and last dress. Well, I've come back from town, and I HAVE THE SECOND DRESS!!


  8. The first dress is gorgeous, such a lovely shape! I'm loving all the 50s style dresses around at the moment too, they're perfect for the summertime.

  9. I love this top dress. The color is so bright and fun and it looks like it owuld be very flattering. Great post


  10. very nice picks!
    I'm not a fan of short dresses, I'm about 5'6 and I'm finding everything so short at the moment and I'm certainly not tall! x


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