Saturday, 9 April 2011

Nail Whitening

Well the dreaded day has come.  Today I will be having two wisdom teeth extracted.  I am not happy about this.  They are not causing me much bother and the thought of getting a dry socket again is making me want to run away very very fast.  Another thing that has also made me sad is as I am having sedation I have to have bare nails.  Seriously!  Urgh.  I always use Models Own 3 in 1 basecoat and my nails don't usually stain, the only colour that leaves them looking yellow is red.  I've worn red a few times recently and my nails are hating me for it.  I looked at various tips on the web and inspected the nail care section of both my local Boots and Superdrug and this is what I have come up with:

The disgusting state of my bare nails

 After buffing which did remove a bit of the staining and made them look more presentable

Dissolving two of the nail whitening tablets in warm water

 Soak each hand for 5 - 10 minutes

Rinse well with warm water and cover in hand cream

 What do you think, do they look better?

In reality they actually look much better than the photos show.  It hasn't gotten rid of all the staining but it is a definite improvement and hopefully if someone catches a rare glimpse of my bare nails they won't assume I smoke 40 a day...  I'm off to prepare myself for the extraction :(


  1. smoking is not good for ur health plz dear quit it

  2. @Naeema you've totally misread my post, I do not smoke and have never even tried a cigarette... I was merely likening the yellowing to the stain that nicotine also leaves on nails.

  3. good luck with the extraction!
    i have awfully stained nails, i give them a break every so often and just don't look at them while they're bare (uuugly) and that seems to help!
    Rosie xo

  4. I have the same problem, my nails are practically green from one blue polish I wore this month and nothing will get it off. I have 2 days of work experience in a hospital this week so won't be able to wear nail polish and I am dreading it! The embarrassment. Lol. Good luck with your extraction xxx

  5. they do look loads better actually! impressive. hope today goes well love x

  6. My nails are heaps worse than yours and Bubble White cured mine! Take a look at this:

    You will be amazed with the results :) xo

  7. I had no idea you cant wear nail polish when having a sedation!!! This is madness! Good luck x

  8. Possibly a stupid question but why can't you wear nail polish under sedation?

  9. I've got a Cutex polish remover which is very good, it's the nourishing one. It says 'with vitamins & moisturisers- Nail Whitening formula' and I think it works really well, might be worht a try?

  10. Good luck today! Hope you feel better soon :)

    Maria xxx

  11. The things you learn reading blogs! Stained nails ain't good though is it? It's like you say - it wouldn't be so bad if people didn't automatically assume you were rabidly at it on the fags.

    Also, just to let you know, I have tagged you in a Kreative Blogging (it's spelt that way - I take no responsibility for that!) thang I got tagged on. Feel free to give it a bash if you fancy. If not, or if you've already done it, I shan't be offended!

  12. aww, hope you feel better soon lovey. I have left you an award on my blog xoxo


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