Monday, 18 April 2011

A little catch up

How are you all my lovelies?  I've had a little break from blogging this weekend as I just couldn't find any time to fit it in!  I spent Saturday morning with friends watching a friend abseil down the front of the Mailbox in Birmingham for charity followed by an amazing lunch in Nandos and a stroll along the canal.  It was topped off with a bit of shopping at the Bullring, perfect!  I haven't been to Birmingham in ages which is strange as I used to go almost every other week and it felt great to be back.  I've missed you Birmingham, I promise I won't leave it so long next time.

Sunday was filled with the Gadget Show.  I've wanted to go for a while but tbh I was quite disappointed. It was more of a technology show than a gadget show and there wasn't enough to play with unless you enjoy gaming.  I'm crap at computer games so wouldn't want to play with an audience.  I guess its like the Clothes Show, I love clothes, hate the Clothes Show.  It's always such a disappointment and is usually filled with tat with good stores few and far between.  The jury is still out as to whether it was worth the £16 fee.

I am so glad this week is only four days, religion does do some good after all then! I have booked the three working days between Easter and the Royal Wedding off work so I have a whole eleven days to look forward to.  I haven't made many plans yet, I am going on a pub crawl on Saturday for St Georges day and I am going to Paris on the 29th for my sisters hen weekend.  I didn't get any suggestions for what to do in Paris when I asked last time, some of you must have been?!  Please be kind and leave me a comment with your must see/do/eat.

Today I am wearing one of the bargain Dorothy Perkins dresses I picked up using several discount codes.  It's a little long so I think I might take it up although it is perfect for work.  I bought it in two colour ways and I think this one is my favourite.

I'm thinking of going red, what do you guys think? Will it suit me? What shade? 

How have you all been? What exciting plans have you go for all these bank holidays? Fill me in!


  1. LOVE this blue on you it looks fab! I love your hair this colour, it looks so shiny but red would look fab too! I love going to Birmingham, I'm heading there on Tuesday which I'm very excited about :)

    Maria xxx

    P.S. Your friends is clearly insane despite it being for charity!

  2. Paris is lovely! The best thing we did was just do loads of walking, up and down side streets eating crepes! Have a wonderful time. If I can remember specific places I will add to the thread:)

  3. My brother lives in Paris, it's an amazing city-wear flat shoes as you'll want to do a lot of walking I expect, definitely visit the Champs De Elysees so you can lust over the windows of Cartier and Louis Vuitton! Also we went to the Louvre and did the Eiffel Tower when we visited but all the architecture is so amazing, just strolling through the city is an experience. You can buy batches of metro tickets which is cheaper than getting individual ones, then you can just hop on the train if you don't have much time to get from place to place. And definitely stop at a creperie or streetside cafe for a drink and to soak up the atmophere. Oh I can't wait to go back! have an amazing time!xx

  4. I love this dress, the colour is so lovely and summery. I keep seeing it on the website and I'm always very tempted by it!
    Red will definitely suit you, you're probably better off using an XXL dye because they're the best although it might take a couple of times to get it a decent shade unless you want to strip your hair first. x

  5. i saw this dress online! :D
    i really wanted the mint one.
    it looks awesome on! :D
    red will look brill! really summery :)
    Rosie xx

  6. My number one recommendation for Paris has to be Laduree, enjoy!

  7. This really suits you, such a gorgeous dress!

  8. i think red would be perfect for you. like a deep red, kinda cheryl cole-ish? love the dress on you too. you can do no wrong! x

  9. That's a shame about the Gadget Show. I liked the sound of it but your description is exactly what I don't want to see.

    That shade of blue really suits you.

  10. oooh red sounds like a great idea, lighter for summer :) I want some gingery/auburn in my hair in the summer but the sun usually makes it go like that anyway.
    You look lovely in that dress, it's nice long though. You could even wear it tightless/with nude tights in the summer

  11. Love that dress - I've also seen it online and want it in every colour!

    I think deep red hair would look fab on you, too.

  12. That dress is lovely, you always have great clothes :) enjoy Paris! xx

  13. Oh I'm extremely jealous to hear you're heading for Paris!! Ahhhhh I want to do the whole tourist thing! Make sure you get loads of piccys!! I booked them three days off too!! Heading to spain to visit someone special :-) !! And as for hair colour..i say go for red!! I love red hair...and you deffo have the skin tone!! Happy Monday x.

  14. I lo-o-o-o-ove this dress! Suits you to a T.

  15. I think red would look fab with your complexion!

  16. stunning dress!



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