Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy St Georges Day!

Happy St Georges Day everyone!  Anyone celebrating it?  It does make me sad that more English people celebrate St Patricks day than celebrate St Georges day.  I am going on a pub crawl with some friends to celebrate, lets hope there are lots of beer gardens involved!

It's been so nice recently, my concession to the weather is I have switched my tights and pumps for leggings and sandals. That's about as far as I go.  I really don't feel comfortable bearing flesh.  I never ever go either bare legged or armed, am I alone in this or do any of you cover up regardless of the weather?

Dress: Emily & Fin

I adore this dress the shape is so flattering and for those of you complaining about how short most dresses are it's a few inches longer and comes to just above my knees.  It comes in a variety of prints and patterns so you can snap up more than one!  I really love Emily and Fin, they are the makers of my absolute favourite dress.  I haven't shared this dress with you as mine are currently too small but I own this dress in every colourway they have ever made... as soon as it fits again it will be on the blog!  

Have a great St Georges Day lovelies, raise a beer or three and celebrate with me :)


  1. bare legs are reserved purely for holiday! x

  2. ooh lovely!
    I wear a cardi and tights all the time, summer is not my friend x

  3. I sometime wear bare legs, it depend on the length of the dress. It has to be knee length or below. I dont have the best legs to be honest! They look much better covered up haha!
    Love the print of the dress and its such a nice shape!
    I know what you mean about nobody celebrating St Georges Day, its as if people are afraid to be proud to be English. Why cant we be proud of out nationality!
    I am going out for a hog roast and a disco, for £10 you can't go wrong!

  4. I love leggings with dresses, especially short dresses :)
    yours is gorgeous here!


  5. I didn't even realise that it was St George's day but I am actually Irish haha even though we moved to London when I was 2 so I'm allowed to celebrate St Patrick's day!! Gorgeous dress, I love the print and it look fab with the red accessories!!

    I'd rather get my legs out because I hate my chubby arms and in this heat it's hard to stay covered up completely. Don't me scared, just get em out lol!!!

    Have a fun pub crawl =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. nah i'm with you on keeping the legs/arms covered regardless of weather. arms especially! i actually braved a sunday morning walk with a knee length dress on last week without tights.. never again! i felt like a right knob! haha xx

  7. I'm happy to go sleeveless, as my arms are pretty toned, but will never, ever publicly go bare-legged! Even at a skinny size eight (usually I'm a 10/12) I still had massive calves. Leggings and pumps or sandals under dresser are my go-to when it's warm. However, living in Scotland means that I don't have to worry about it quite so much!

  8. I've done exactly the same as you, & swapped my tights for leggings! Oh & lighter cardis, rather than chunky wooly ones I guess..

    I love that dress - it's a great shape & print - gorgeous :) & I like that it's a little bit longer too.. I've never heard of Emily & Fin - shall have to go & check them out!

    By the way, you got a little mention on my latest blog post - sorry it's taken so long :/

  9. I feel a bit naked bare armed, so I'd rather cover up my top half. lovely print on your dress, have a great night out.


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