Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cool Coral

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums, especially to my own Mummy :)  We are going to an outlet today for a spot of retail therapy.

I ordered this dress from the Dotty P website last week using a multitude of discount codes and it ended up being less than £17!!  What a bargain.  I love the coral colour and it hangs really nicely.  It comes in black and white too and I am now kicking myself that I didn't order both!  I got two other dresses at the same time but haven't had chance to try them on yet.  Did you order any dresses using the three lots of discount I tweeted about?  I would love to see what you bought, link me to your blog posts please.

I've been a bit MIA on twitter recently as I have been mega busy at work.  I have another conference this week but after that I should be back to normal.  I also have over 1000 unread blog posts on my reader so I am hoping to get a chance to make a dent in those soon and to add some new blogs into the mix.  Have you discovered any good blogs recently?


  1. Well that dress is absolutely stunning!!! That colour is gorgeous on you :o) hope you have a great day with your mum :o) xxxx

  2. Love this dress, it's lovely, and the colour is really nice on you.
    I missed the multiple discount codes bargain this time, but the blue dress I got when they had the discount on dresses and you could still use the code is really nice - so massive thanks for tweeting about that before! I wore it yesterday actually and felt very summery!

  3. Ahh, this is perfect! The colour really suits you. I've missed you not being about on twitter! xx

  4. What a gorgeous colour!
    Hope you have a lovely day with your mum. Im going to a vintage fair and a bootsale with mine. Nothing beats some lovely bonding with your mother!

  5. This is pretty, and such a great price too :) The colours are lovely- oh so summery
    Hope you manage to catch up on some blogs x

  6. Love this dress! It's gorgeous :) definitely a total bargain!


  7. ooooh nice! I've not worn my lovely blue glamour dress from dp yet, keeping it for when I go and see the ballet I think xx

  8. The dress is really pretty. I'm so easily sucked in by discount codes but NOT now - I'm beyond skint! Enjoy M.D and shopping.

  9. i didn't get around to ordering anything with the discount, i've not seen anything ive fancied from dottty p's for a little while..


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