Thursday, 10 March 2011

Models Own x Wah Nails = EXCITING NEWS!!

Some amazing news dropped into my inbox yesterday, Models Own in collaboration with Wah Nails are launching a range of crackle nail polish in 9 gorgeous shades!

Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Turquoise, Silver, White and Black

Aren't they fantastic!!  I can't wait to get my hands on them and try out a few colour combinations.  Models Own have this to say:

"Models Own has once more joined forces with ultra cool London nail salon WAH to create the much anticipated Smash-Up – a collection of nine fabulous crackle nail polishes with a graffiti twist. This is one of the most exciting launches in the world of nails as this type of polish has never before been available in a spectrum of vivid colours – a WORLD FIRST!

Priced at just £6 each, Black and Silver will launch exclusively in Boots on April 20th and the other colours will be available online from April at

Only thing to left for me to do now is to decide on colours and wish away the days until launch date.  I think I want them all!  I'm hoping they will do a gold one at some point too!

The lovely people at Models Own sent me a couple of polishes to review last week.  They must have had a hard job finding two shades that I don't already own but luckily they managed it!

Models Own Mystic Mauve and Blue Moon

First up is Mystic Mauve. Mystic Mauve is a purply pink foil polish and is super sparkly.  It's as gorgeous as champagne although for me champagne is a more wearable colour.  It applies like a dream, I applied two coats to achieve that high shine foil effect.  I find that this finish from Models Own lasts well on my nails.

Next up is Blue Moon which is another foil effect polish and is identical to Mystic Mauve is all ways but the colour, the end result is a gorgeous silvery blue colour.

My Models Own order arrived yesterday so I now have Nyla Nude and Slate Grey to share with you along with the other three I purchased in Boots at the weekend.  So many gorgeous nail colours so little time!


  1. They. Are. GENIUSES! I hope they realise the amount of profit they'll make from bloggers alone with this range. Also reeeally love that Blue Moon colour - it's so pretty! x

  2. Can't wait till april, been counting thedays since It arrived in my email inbox as well, deffo will have to buy all of them!
    Love the Mauve shade they sent u really nice xx

  3. I got so excited when I saw these, think I like the pink and the silver ones the most by look alone.... can't wait to sample models own take on the crack look nail polishes though. Love the colours they sent you too, especially the purple shade, super pretty x

  4. Oooooh I am dying to try the silver version! Love Mystic Mauve, its a gorgeous colour! How lucky were you to be sent free nail varnishes!

  5. Oh wow these look totally amazing... love model own nail polishes and now they shiney and sparkley= major like!!!

  6. definitely intrigued by these, although i bbought some of the barry m version at the weekend and treied it last night and im not sure if i like it..

  7. I am so excited about these :D Got well over a month to wait though!

    Also, that blue is gorgeous! Definitely getting some Models Own when I next go into town.

  8. Ooo really excited about this!! The vast amount of colours is exciting, i hope they bring out a gold too =] xx

  9. Both those colours are gorgeous I love the foil effect. I'm so glad they are doing the silver crackle finish can't wait to get my hands on that! xx
    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  10. ooooh these look amazing! I think the silver one would look great on top of black. Can't wait to try one of these. I find the Barry M one is a little matte

  11. I love the metallic nail colors!



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