Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A little bit of Grace

A few other Models Own shades some how slipped in my basket when I purchased the new spring colours... can you believe there are still colours I don't own?!  I just checked and I now have FIFTY! wowzers.  How did that happen?!  There are still colours I want to try too and now theres the Pro range and the soon to be released Smash-Up crackle polishes. Argh! I'm running out of shelf space to store them on.  How do you all store your polishes or are you normal and only have a dozen or so colour options?!

 Peach Sherbet, Peach Puff, Vintage Pink, Grace Green

Peach Sherbet - I really don't like this colour with my skin tone.  It wasn't that great to apply either, it was quite streaky and needed three coats to get even coverage.  Can't win them all!

Peach Puff - Now this peachy tone works so much better with my skin tone and luckily for me applied like a dream.  Nice and creamy and great coverage in two coats.

Vintage Pink - I've kind of already shared this one with you in this post.  It's such a gorgeous colour and again applied well in two coats.  It also happens to be almost identical in colour to my favourite Mango cardigan, RESULT!!

Grace Green - Green isn't a colour you will see me in often, it's just not a colour I go for.  I am not sure why though as I love this polish.  It's such a pretty colour and applied well in two coats.

What are your favourite Models Own colours?  Mine seems to change daily but Bronzed Rage and Champagne just top the bill for me.  I can't get enough of Models Own Pro Jack's Black either as it looks so good and goes with almost all of my outfits, ace!


  1. Now Peach Puff is absolutely gorgeous! :o) 50? Good god lady, you should re-name your blog "A Million Nail Polishes' :o) xxxxx

  2. 50, wow! I have a small makeup bag I keep my nail varnishes in, mostly barry m ones, but I'll need to start another one as each time I open it I get practically hit in the face with about 3 nail varnish bottles! xx

  3. 50! :O
    Vintage Pink looks lovely.
    Post of all your polishes together please?!

  4. I have Grace Green and really like it :)

    These all look fab especially Lemon Sherbert (shame about the consistency though, I find all yellows awful to apply!) x

  5. I've been dying to get Grace Green and Vintage Pink but our Boots got a Models Own section just before my soending ban begun, you've just made me want them more!! Oh well only 33 days left...

  6. I have both Peach Puff and Grace Green and I just love them.

    My favourite Modelown Polishes have to be Pink Blush and Gun Grey.

    I really like the Vintage Pink lol like I need any more nail polish :)

  7. 50! Damn, you're gonna need MO rehab! xx

  8. 50?! you mentalist! haha ;) xx

  9. I have Grace Green and it's gorgeous. Love them all xx

  10. I really love that green, its not a colour Id normally go for, but its lovely!

    x Fab!



  11. First of all, I absolutely love your blog. I stumbled upon it while looking for MO swatches. I love your style and that you're care about every little detail of your look. I wish more people did that! Where I come from, almost no one wears make up, and nail polish is almost unheard of! Cudos to you!

    About MO...my favorites are Pure Purple and Purple Rain, but I like Purple Rain, Nude Beige, and others. I'm waiting for my last order: mushroom, grey day, misty grey, moody grey, slate grey. concrete mixer and blooboo.

    I also have a lot of Nails Inc. I love them, even though they're a bit too price...And let me tell you...I have around 200 Nails Inc...so you're not crazy. I store them in a drawer section from Ikea, called Vika Alex. I love color, nail polish and I like looking good...so why not?

    Well, I will certainly coming back...Great blog, as said!

    Have a nice day :)

  12. I don't even own one MO nail polish (yet!) but I will be ordering some as soon as payday arrives! I lvoe the gracer green, that's going on my list!

  13. Your nail polish posts are starting to sway me towards Models Own each time I read another one! I just ordered a couple of colours from ASOS so I might end up converting

    I have about 50 Barry M polishes at the moment and I keep them in one of these bad boys: http://tinyurl.com/6fr9v3y although keeping them on shelves looks much prettier, I just wish I had the room.

    This is my first time commenting but I adore your blog, been reading for a while now. xx


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