Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Keep or Return?

Another keep or return for you to help me with.  I bought this dress in two different versions and whilst I absolutely LOVE the leopard print one there's something a bit off about this one and I cannot but my finger on what it is.  I cannot decide if I want to keep it for warmer days or if it's back off to Topshop it goes!  It's exactly the same shape and cut as the leopard one but doesn't seem to fit the same way and even though it's meant to be the same length it just feels a bit shorter.  I wouldn't wear it with this belt btw...

Dress: Topshop

What do you think? Is it a keep or a return?

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  1. I think you should keep, its really nice! But only keep if you really are going to wear it.

  2. I like it but I definitely prefer the other one. If you're not sure you're gonna wear it, I'd return it and get something else instead xx

  3. I think it really suits you but if your not completely happy with it you won't wear it. Better to spend the money on something you completely love! xo

  4. I like it, but if you're having doubts about it that maybe means you won't wear it so much so should return it? I've noticed getting two of the same dresses, tshirts etc in the same size but itting differently in topshop recently too, grr! xx

  5. I prefer the other one but that said, this print is very Summery! Sorry I'm not much help at all am I! x

  6. Ooo I love this one!
    I'm not a huge fan of leopard print, so I'd say this one is definitely a keeper, its so pretty!

  7. Keep it i think, it's a lovely dress that'll go great with summer weather x

  8. I love it, looks so summery. Think you should tuck it away till it gets slightly warmer.
    Also a quick question about the groupon deal, against my better judgement I am going for this. Just have to drink slightly less at the weekend!
    It says that the Minimum basket spend of £21 required (i.e. £20 Groupon voucher must be supplemented by an additional spend of £1).
    Does that mean that I have to spend £21 for the voucher to work?
    Sorry my brain is frazzled from work.
    Im on twitter! @sophiesophuk

  9. Keep keep keep! I love it!

    Oh gosh, I'm not very good at this whole groupon thing hun, sorry. I just did it through my email, but would've clicked your link if I'd known you were gonna get credit from it! I thought the only way you could get credit was to send it to other people's emails... oops.

  10. whilst i usually love all things floral, i'm just not sure about the print of that dress, i think it's all the primary colours which make it just a little too much for me..(which is what i thought when i saw it on the website, not on you, i hope thats not offensive!)
    if you're not sure, i think it should go back - i know what i'm liiek with "not sure's" -they sit in my wardrobe with the tags on forever..

  11. hmm i like it but i don't think it's that special. i think you could return it and get a much nicer dress instead xx

  12. I like it, nice summery colours but it's not super special. I would return it and put the money towards something amazing anf totally fab x

  13. I think it's a lovely dress and so summery but if you're not 100% happy with it I wouldn't keep it. You'll end up not wearing it enough.... Return it and choose something else :) x

  14. I really like it on you! I think it would look so cute in summer!

  15. It looks lovely but if you think it a little 'off' return it. Spend the money on something you REALLY like x

  16. I personally would keep it, because it's sooo pretty and perfect for summer.
    But if you are unsure, return it =] xx

  17. I like it but I don't LOVE it, the other one looked a million times nicer I think :)

    Maria xxx


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