Monday, 28 March 2011

In The Red

So I am off to Manchester shortly for work and this is what I am wearing both to travel in and go out for dinner tonight.  I really don't want to take too much with me and be the girl lugging a huge suitcase into the hotel whilst the guys only have a carrier bag or something so I have tried to pack lightly.

I am worried about being able to stick to my healthy eating whilst away, it's so difficult when you don't have much choice to what you eat.  I don't want everyone to know I am on a diet either although one of the guys has recently lost three stone on the Cambridge Diet so I will be checking out his choices and following his lead.  There's talk of us going for either an indian or a chinese tonight so I am already armed with the healthiest choices.  Dieting is such hard work!!  Do any of you have any tips that will help me? 

Dress: Peacocks

I am hoping that I will get a bit of time to myself in the evenings too, I haven't had chance to read many blogs for the last couple of weeks and I am having serious withdrawals :(


  1. My tip for eating out is order the healthiest thing on the menu and eat half of it. Especially with chinese places! Indians can be okay though, just go for tomato based stuff rather than cream based.
    Your post reminded me I need a red cardi lol!

  2. If you go for chinese I heard apparently chow mein is one of the best things. Try and go for something with a lot of veg I would say. Broccoli in garlic sauce is yummy if you like garlic.
    Love the outfit btw :)

  3. With the indian I would say go with the tomato based currys and have chicken if you can. Or maybe a veggie curry? No idea about Chinese sorry!
    Im going out for dinner tonight and kinda worried about it. I might ask my friend if she wants to share a bowl of noodles rather than ordering one each. They are huge!
    You look lovely as usual, cannot believe the dress is from peacocks!

  4. I love the collar on that dress. so cute.
    I have been avoiding meals out! I have a party to go to on friday and people are planning on ordering some kind of takeaway:/ - I'm going to take a potatoe and some beans with me , lol.
    I have a weigh in this morning fingercrossed i have had another loss.
    Have a nice time in manchester

  5. Very pretty dress & I love the red with it!
    I am starting my healthy eating from today, and actually getting off my ass and exercising too.
    Hope you manage to stick to it, be strong

  6. you look so good in this dress, sarah! your waist is tiny!

  7. Pretty dress!

    I think with eating out, but especially for indian and chinese, choose a dish that you like but cut out the carbs that would usually go with it i.e noodles, rice, naan bread. There are so delicious indian curries (tomato based ones are the healthiest) and vegetable dishes, or chicken dishes at a chinese. Chineses usually have really nice soups also. You can't really avoid the added sugar that might be in the dishes but cutting out the carb side dish is still cutting out many of the calories that you would usually eat!

    Good luck and be strong :D xxxx

  8. I have that dress as well! I love how you've changed to a different belt rather than stick with the one that came with it like lazy old me! I wish i could advise you on healthy food but i've discovered I suck at that after my best friend told me that my idea of having a pastry for lunch is not healthy, in fact it is unhealthier than something cooked (whoops) xxxx

  9. I love that dress, it has been my best buy of 2011 so far.
    Chow Mein, curry and veg are good at a chinese. Avoid pork and sweet and sour sauce because it has a lot of sugar.
    Go for a tomtato based curry at an indian rather than something creamy like a korma. Have fun xxx

  10. You look so pretty in red and your waist does look tiny :)

    Maria xxx

  11. That dress is gorgeous - love it :)

    Best of luck with your healthy eating while you're away - I can definitely understand where you're coming from. If I had any tips, I'd share 'em, but.. erm.. I don't - sorry! Let us know how you get on..

    I've just seen I won a necklace on your giveaway (at least, I hope it's me.. the link doesn't work! Hope it's not someone else with a similar name to me - that'd be just my luck!)

    If it IS me, thanks so much! So very apt, as if you check out my most recent entry - you'll see I was AT, & more specifically UP The Eiffel Tower just mere days ago!

  12. gorgeous dress, I love the all red pops. Diets are hard work indeed especailly when it come to going out and choosing between indian and chienese which are probably the least healthiest haha!! wherever you go the boiled rice will be low fat which is good. if you have a curry go for something fried instead of creamy and a chinese stir fry wont be too horrific. think i saw those 2 suggestions on WAMK haha

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  13. Lovely dress, was very tempted with this on the peacocks website.

  14. @heartshapedbruise. yes you have won, Ive got your email and will be sending the necklaces out soon xx


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