Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Floral Fancy

I really, really wanted this dress in cream but alas it wasn't to be.  I couldn't resist the floral version though so grabbed the last one and found it was my size, clearly it was meant to be!

Dress: Primark

The belt is a bit cheap looking so I am going to have to invest in a leather one.  I love the actual dress though and for £15 its definitely a bargain!  Primark has done some really good pieces this season.

The first few days of my non-diet have gone well and I haven't really felt deprived.  I've eaten a couple of salads, a couple of stir frys and have had a few yogurts as snacks.  Seeings as I normally eat KFC or McDonalds for lunch most days I am impressed with myself.  I haven't actually missed it yet either and although it's now only day three now you have to remember that I usually eat this type of food every day!

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  1. oooh i do love the print of this dress, the colours are gorgeous. The pleated skirt is also lovely. Can't wait to head to primark. So many lovely things in there right now xx

  2. That dress was definatly for you...Looks amazing on you! x

  3. aw you look so cute. i tried it on in the rust colour but it looked rubbish one me! xo

  4. omg i want this dress!! is it recent? guessing so as you said its this season..

    it looks lovely on you! and the little flower in your hair makes it even more cute :)

  5. The dress is lovely- sure to brighten up a grey rainy day!
    Oh and good luck with the new healthy eating regime, I'm trying it right now but failing miserably!

  6. Love the dress, it really looks good on you!

    jos xx

  7. Lovely colours in the dress!
    Well done with your healthy eating! Looks like it is going well!

  8. Gorgeous dress - it certainly doesnt look like a primark dress at all!

    I would love to raid your wardrobe!


  9. wow that dress is gorgeous, the colours are perfect! definitely doesnt look it's from primark either!

  10. It's a shame you couldn't get the cream version, but this floral print is absolutely gorgeous! The little flower in your hair goes so well too.

    Florrie x

  11. That's a gorgeous dress! I might have to have another Primark rummage...xx

  12. This dress suits you down to a tee! Love it :D xx

  13. I love how your Primark dresses never look like they're from there. This one is lovely, the print is so summery and lovely! x

  14. I agree with Lucy - you have the best Primark finds! Love the colours in this dress xx

  15. Primark?! I wouldn't have guessed.
    Glad you aren't feeling deprived.
    I really wanted to scoff a bag of mini eggs today but I had 5 and gave the rest to my colleagues, go me! xxx

  16. I love love love that dress! I saw it while I was away in a Primark store, but decided to walk away, trying to be good. Now that I'm home I can't find it in my local store, grr.
    Good luck on the non-diet :)

    Fiona x

  17. WOW....that dress is do you manage to find such nice stuff in primark...the last time I went in there I only came out with a pair of PJ's :S

    Love Claire Bear


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