Friday, 4 March 2011

Fake It!

Confession time again girls, I'm a fake!

That's right, all is not what it seems... I am never without my SHOULDER PADS.  Phew.  I am glad I got that off my chest.  Seriously though I add  detachable shoulder pads to every outfit.  I am a pear you see, a pear with almost no shoulders, not the greatest body shape.  I have to alter straps on dresses to stop them slipping off and doing my head in.  With the addition of shoulder pads and flattering dresses I balance my hips out and become more of an hourglass (hopefully!) I especially like it when I find dresses that have done all the work for me, step forward one beautiful asos dress complete with shoulder pads

 Dress: asos
Cardigan: New Look

 My secret weapon!

So now I have shown you the fakest bit about me, whats your secret weapon?  What cheats do you swear by that make you look and feel fabulous?  Please share!


  1. So funny how everyone is so different. These shoulder pads look amazing on you, but so awful on me! Every time I go thrifting most things I buy have shoulder pads (because they are old, obviously) and I have to cut them out of everything and then there is you putting them in on purpose. Everyone is different hey! :)

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  2. Wow that is something I'd never noticed in your photos before, shows how well they work :D I can't pull off shoulder pads, I have such broad shoulders (thanks genes!) but I do swear by underwear that holds you in nicely! Thankfully Primark does decent Bridget-Jones-knickers for a fiver, which suits my budget perfectly :)

  3. I have no shoulders!! Every single strap falls off them, it's so annoying right! I honestly didn't notice, go you! I swear by thick tights, I pull them all the way up, so unflattering, and not very attractive if you de-dress with your bf around, but it holds my belly in so who cares muahaha xxx

  4. @Grace would be boring if we were all the same though hey! You must have lovely broad shoulders :)

    @Dani they are not that big but big enough to add definition & make a real difference. I would love broad shoulders. I need to get me some hold it all in pants, I had some Gok ones which were really good but I can't find them :(

    @Gem it is very bloody annoying! They are subtle but oh so effective. I do thick tights too AND I wear pants over the top to keep them in place, I'm so attractive, haha!


  5. I would never have noticed if you didnt point it out! They tend to make me look like an american footballer but look lovely on you! Love the dress!
    I wear my tights up to my boobs haha! It keeps my belly and love handles in. I make sure I buy XL tights so I can pull them up haha!

  6. Oooh don't know if I have any secrets! I do carry my whole make up bag to work with me and I'm always topping up on powder and eye liner. I do wear really big pants that go right up to my bra if I'm wearing a nice dress out, they hide the lines from my underwear and tights and just give a smoother finish xx

  7. :] i love love love this post.
    I used false eyelases....often extetions.
    For me its about confidence and with out them i just want to vanish :/

    I have "swimmers shoulders" and smaller hips..... i look a little like an up turned triangle pitty they dont do pads for my hips to balance me out !!!

  8. I would never have guessed if you hadn't said anything! Like Gem I also wear thick tights and pull them right up to hold me in and some pants on top to stop them from falling down. The dress is gorgeous, love the pleats at the bottom! xx

  9. As if, I've never even thought about adding shoulder pads. Do you just slip 'em in? That's well good! I don't really have any secrets, I've got into a habit of always wearing a long vest top underneath anything that I wear, not sure why though! And I pull my leggings allllll the way up in a attempt to hold me in but that's about it! xxxx

  10. Shoulder pads would just make me look ridiculous, but they look great on you! You always look lovely and hourglass in your dresses.

    I think support tights are my non exciting cheat, right up to the bra!


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