Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Models Own Pro - Come To Bed Red

I've finally been able to part with Models Own Pro Jack's Black.  Great news for me is it peeled off really easy, I love it when that happens.  It has been switched to Models Own Pro Come To Bed Red, love the name!  The polish is a flat deep red and I needed three coats to get this coverage.  It was fine with just two but I wanted it as dark as it could be so it matched my red cardigan!

Have you tried out any of the Models Own Pro nail polishes yet? Which colour did you go for?


  1. What a gorgeous colour! I love red nail varnishes they just look so classy! Hope your meeting went ok :)

  2. your nails are getting nice and long! i love the colour but usually stay away from reds because they make such a mess of the skin around my nails and it's almost impossible to clean up :/ xx

  3. what a perfect shade to match the cardi! :) i must add some of these pro's to my models own order now that it's payday!
    what is your favourite models own colour?

  4. @Sophie thanks lovely. The conference went really well I just need to catch up on some sleep now!

    @Charlene I know its crazy!! I bought some of the tablets Lucy recommended but havent started taking them yet so hopefully they will eventually be longer and stronger :)

    @dinoprincesschar I think its still bronze envy or maybe champagne, both gorgeous. Whats yours?

  5. I'm so happy I discovered this blog it's amazing and we share the dress obsession lol. This is a lovely colour! Your hands/nails are perfect!


  6. congrats on making it into the models own blog wrap! It's your second time isn't it? x


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