Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bronze Rage

I popped into Boots yesterday to pick up some of the new Models Own nail polishes.  Unfortunately the one near me only had 3 of the new colours but it did have the one I to try wanted the most, bronze rage.  Its a gorgeous metallic rust colour which compliments all the tan/orange/rust colours I have been wearing perfectly.  As with all the Models Own Polishes it goes on like a dream.  Two coats gave perfect coverage.

Just beautiful!  Yep I have been sad enough to base todays outfit around a nail polish...

 Dress: Miss Selfridge

This colour is seriously good!

It's my Mums birthday today, Happy Birthday Mum!  I went for a classic Victoria Sponge in the end.  I decided against using fresh cream and strawberries as it would need to be finished today and my Mum would feel guilty if any of it went to waste.  Instead I filled it with strawberry jam and buttercream so she can share the leftovers with friends on Thursday.  My Mum is doing so well on her diet that I didn't want to ruin it but everyone deserves a cake on their birthday.

I can't wait to have a cheeky slice!


  1. Ooh that dress is really nice! As is the nail colour :) your cake looks great, hope ur mum likes it!

  2. gorgeous dress - love your profile... dresses, pimms and baking are 3 of my favourite things too! along with handbags and anything in liberty prints.

    so glad I found your blog - i will be following now. Please come by and say hi at my vintage/ fashion blog.... Sx

  3. Cake looks delish as always!
    Love this colour polish, I might pop into my Boots later and see if they have any of the new colours in :) xxx

  4. YUM. that cake looks so divine.
    And the nail colour's lovely- great alternative to gold :) xxx

  5. What a gorgeous colour!
    You have me drooling over that victoria sponge. Its my favourite cake!

  6. I love that dress and the nail polish is such a gorgeous colour too! THe cake looks delicious, sometimes you just can't beat a simple victoria sponge mmmm <3 x

  7. Love the polish, the dress is also lovely and I want to eat that cake!!!

  8. hi there darling:) I like! that bronze nailpolish is just off the hook:) and you look gorgeous :) i really like your cardigan with that dress! We're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way! Come and take a look and join to win :)


  9. This is really similar to Model's Own Proper Copper which I am obsessed with! Love your outfit. and happy birthday to your mummma! Emma xxx

  10. Happy Birthday to your mum! Your nails always go so well with your outfits :) x

  11. such a gorgeous nail colour, might need to grab that one myself, i also looove your cardi! xx

  12. LOVE your blog :) you now have a new follower!

    Im new to blogger - check my blog out and follow if you like what you see!

    Thanks - CupcakesCocktailsCouture

  13. That cake looks scrummy! :D I love the nail polish too, and I base my outfits around the most ridiculous things too so don't worry! :P I wore red nail varnish when I was wearing my red hat recently, a little bit OCD perhaps but I like things to match :)

    Maria xxx

  14. Mmmm the cake looks delicious! I love Models Own nail polishes, I may have to try the bronze one.

  15. you make me want to buy new nail polish ALL THE TIME! haha. i need that colour! i have the cardigan too so i think it makes sense. cake looks delicious mmmm cakeeee xo

  16. I based my outfit around my nail colour today! We are cool. Love the bronzy colour!

  17. I KNEW I'd want that polish from the moment I saw it! Thanks for posting this, I am now convinced! xxx

  18. The cake looks delicious! You cant beat a good old Victorial Sponge :)

    And that nail polish is lovely!

  19. That nail polish is lovely, I was very tempted by it in Boots the other day, but I don't wear much that it would go with :(

    And that Victoria Sponge looks amazing! Mmm! xx

  20. I love the nail colour and it looks perfect with your fab dress. That cake looks sooooo yummy :p

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  21. I was looking at that nail colour on the Models Own website a few days ago... I was sure but now I'm convinced. It looks fab - Thanks!


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