Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A bit of a wet fish

Some of you may have seen me decide which colour to get this dress in on twitter.  I went with the salmon but unfortunately it is far too short, a weird shape AND I don't like the colour on me.  So disappointing when that happens :(

Dress: Topshop

It looked so good on the website!

I don't need your advice as to whether I should keep or return this one guys, it's definitely going back!

I painted my nails to match my Saturday night outfit which included this cardigan from Mango, the colours were perfect together.  I went for leopard print but didn't like it against the dress so changed it to champagne tips, perfect!  Which do you prefer?

Models Own Vintage Pink and Champagne

A big thank you to everyone for their support with Where Are My Knees?  It really means a lot to us, we have lots of plans and I cannot wait to see them implemented.  My introduction was published yesterday, very nerve wracking to be the first one!  I was also extra specially good yesterday, it's amazing how much willpower you find when you know lots of people are watching!  We are now also on twitter so please follow us and let us know if you too are trying to lose weight or tone up, we really want to help support you guys as much as you support us.


  1. oh no, what a shame you didn't like it :( I'm waiting for my DP stuff to arrive, thanks for the 20% off code :) xx

  2. Oh no that dress looked like it had so much potential on the site. It is really short isnt it? It would be like a top on me! Its horrible when you have your heart set on something and then you dont like it on!

  3. aw i quite like it, does look loads different to the stock photo though.. little buggers topshop are. the champagne tip nails are my favourite, eeeek! xo

  4. Shame about the dress :( topsgop stuff never fits me well. I like both nail designs! :D

  5. so frustrating when something looks good on the website, and then is not as great in reality. also i think topshop are making their dresses waaay too short recently (well, so are other places)..
    i love both the nail pics, i would love leopard print nails!

  6. Oh no it did look really pretty, I hate it when that happens, I'm quite tall so things always come short :( Love the champagne tips xxx

  7. It's a shame about the dress - it looked so promising. Love the nails!!

  8. The stock photo is so nice and the dress looks a bit disappointing on. Such a shame. It's a lovely colour though. Loving your champagne tips too! xx

  9. The dress does look so nice in the picture.I couldn't imagine it was that short:)Love the leopard nails.I'd be so glad if you liked to follow each other.Let me know.


  10. That's such a shame, it does look lovely on the website. I like the colour on you though!
    Those pink/champagne nails look divine. I've gotta do some tips as soon as my nails are decent again! xx

  11. I love that dress, it's so nice it's such a shame it doesn't fit :/ and that bottom set of nails is lovely, it's given me some ideas for my own nails! xx

  12. Sorry about the dress1

    ***** Marie *****

  13. Whoa that dress really does look different on the website, thanks for the heads up!! Funny how that happens, how do they manage it?! =\


  14. Such a shame about the dress, like others have said, it's strange how different it looks on the site.

    I LOVE the champagne tips, I think I might pop some on my purple nails... :) x

  15. Love the nails!

    Well done on being extra good babe!

  16. Yay for Where are my knees? it is SUCH a good idea and I know everyone is supporting you :) I LOVE those champagne tips, absolutely gorgeous! :)

    Maria xxx


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