Thursday, 3 March 2011

Animal Magnetism

I got very excited when I spotted this dress in the Topshop new arrivals, it's just perfect!  I adore leopard print and I don't care who knows it. 

Dress: Topshop

I was hoping that it was going to fit the same as this dress but it's a bit shorter and the fabric isn't quite as nice.  But the price is, this one is also £29! I am loving Topshop at the moment.  I am still wearing Models Own Bronze Rage, it fits in so well with my current favourite colour palette.  I really want to try out the other colours I bought but I have a feeling that they won't last long as I will be craving bronzed nails!  It would make a great base for leopard print nail art too, now there's a thought!

I had lunch with my Mum yesterday and took her the birthday cake I made.  She loved it and so did I, very scrummy if I do say so.  I haven't had the verdict from my Dad yet as he was at work but I am sure he has had a piece by now.  Cake is the best bit about birthdays.  

I can't believe it is Thursday already, this week really has flown by.   Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend yet?  It's kinda crept up on me this week so I haven't even thought about it yet but I do want to make a little trip to Primark at some point as some of the lookbook dresses I want have hit stores now.  Lets hope my crummy store has these ones!


  1. oooh I was looking at this on the website the other day! I was debating this, as well as the floral ones for going on holiday.

    You look lovely in it x

  2. Ahh, another beauty of a dress! Those colours go so well together.
    As for my weekend, I shall be working on Saturday and cleaning on Sunday! I'm such a rock star! xx

  3. I really do love the colour of this cardigan! I have such bad dress envy!
    My weekend is not that exciting, I am gatecrashing to a family friends house tomorrow with my parents, he does an amazing spread! On Sunday though my friend is back for the weekend from Plymouth so we are off to drink lots of wine at the pub!

  4. That dress looks great, the bottom is nice and floaty. That's such a great bealt, it goes with everything!
    I'm going to the annual World Book Day quiz, our local authority is hosting it this year because we won the quiz last year. Lots of library assistants from South Wales will be there, should be fun :)

  5. the dress looks even nicer on than it did on the topshop website! loving how all the colours are very similar xx

  6. Wit Woo!!! That cake looks immense! Dale is taking me out for a surprise dinner tmrw, couldn't go last week cause of mom, so looking forward to that xxx

  7. Oooh I've been eyeing this dress up on the website! Nice to see it on a person! You look lovely in it. Although my bank balance isn't happy about this as I'm going to have to go make a cheeky purchase at once! x

  8. Love that dress! You are doing nightmares to my ever-growing wishlist and ever-weeping overdraft lol :(

  9. Your blog always tempts me with new dresses Sarah, damn you! Grr! Love how your nail varnish matches the dress too hehe.

  10. oooh i really want that dress i think i might buy it at the weekend xxx

  11. That dress looks absolutely wonderful on you! You pull off bold prints, so well! I'm a bit scared to try stuff with so much print on them because I don't think I'm confident enough to pull it off, so jealous Sarah!

    Send me a cake, that looks amazing! ;-D

  12. LOVE the colours in this outfit, gorgeous as ever :) This weekend I am going to a local jumble sale to hopefully pick up some bargains :) and also write some of my dissertation :)

    Maria xxx

  13. Love the dress and love the cake! I just bought some leopard print shoes and a saddle bag with leopard print on it, I'm really glad this is the trend of the season :)


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