Saturday, 12 March 2011

101 Dalmations

After seeing the models at Topshop Unique sporting dalmation nails it's a design I have been dying to try but I've been saving it for the perfect outfit.  I wanted something simple and monotone as it's very striking!

Dalmation Nails at Topshop Unique by Sophy Robson

I created my version using Models Own Snow White as the base and have used their nail art pen in black to add the splodges.  I found it easier to use the pen than to try and control the splodges from a brush.  What do you think?  I like it!  

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Satchel: Primark

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen a photo of this satchel already, isn't it ace?!  It's just big enough to fit my iPad in, a necessity for me when buying a bag.  Best bit is it was only £7!!  A total steal.  I am wearing the white version of this dress that I picked up in the Dorothy Perkins sale for a whole £20.  It's not as wearable as the black but makes a nice change and I have a lot of love monotone outfits, especially when enhanced with a flash of colour.

I'm off to my sisters wedding dress fitting today followed by lunch with the other bridesmaids.  I also have a friends engagement drinks tonight so today is going to be jam packed.  No time for a little impromptu shopping trip.

I haven't mentioned the heart wrenching Japanese earthquake and tsunami as my words are of insignificance.  I am sure your thoughts are already with the people whose lives have been turned upside down and urge you to donate if you can.  It really does put things into perspective :(


  1. love this dress! so so pretty and really suits you =) xx

  2. I wanted this dress but my size was sold out. I have the black and camel version.
    That bag is amazing and love ur nails!xx

  3. Enjoy the wedding dress fitting :)
    I could never wear white, first thing I would do it spill tea on it, Im so clumsy!!
    Love your nails, that topshop show was really cute. Loved the models with little noses painted on and their hair like little ears on top. So fun and not too serious, thats why I love British fashion

  4. I lovve your nail art pictures- this is probs one of my favourite designs so far!

    I've seen that satchel around and it's so nice- can't believe it's primark!

    The news about Japan really is awful.. reminds you how powerful nature can be, and just how precious life is x

  5. Love the outfit and nails!

    New follower! Check mine out if you wish:

  6. Great nails, I love the cut of the dress also! x

  7. Loving the outfit and the nails are totally perfect!! x

  8. Aww how fabulous, I love darling ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  9. the dress is perfect on you. i'm a little bit in love with it! the nails look awesome too (as always) xo

  10. I love the nails although I see it more as cow print :P What a bargain the bag is :) xo

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous dress and you nails look fab xx
    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  12. Those nails look amazing! I love them

    Am also gutted that that dress is sold out! It's such a perfect shape!!x

  13. It really is heartbreaking about Japan.
    Gorgeous dress and the nails are fab!

  14. Your nails look gorge! I am definitely going to try that pattern out :)
    I love your outfit and that dress is to die for.

  15. Great nails :) I saw that dalmation print was big at LFW, but I'm not sure about it- so this would be great to try! Something small, but just as effective.
    Oh my gosh, that dress is stunning :) & the sacthel is lovely! You look super pretty

  16. Omg that satchel is so so cute. I love this whole outfit, everything just its together so nicely.

    Will definitely be donating to Japan... it's so sad :(

  17. That dress is such a gorgeous shape, you look lovely :) I love the nail art too :D

    Maria xxx

  18. Hi there!
    you have a brilliant blog, check out mine! the outfit!!!

  19. i love love love the nails, and that satchel is great - what a bargain!!

  20. I love this dress!
    It really suits you


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