Thursday, 31 March 2011

Models Own Pro - On Lapis

The next Models Own Pro colour I want to share with you is On Lapis, an intense blue colour just like the semi precious stone it is named after.  It's a really gorgeous shade, a kind of cross between a teal and a turquoise but with only a hint of green in the mix.  It has a subtle blue shimmer running thru it which adds to it's vibrancy.  I applied two coats and as per the other colours it went on really well, I haven't had to touch it up and remove polish from my fingers :)

I thought it was quite similar to Top Turquoise but in reality it's not and I really love the extra dimension the blue shimmer adds.

I was hoping to find some time to actually read some blogs whilst I was away with work.  I was kidding myself!  I didn't get 5 minutes to myself and ended up grabbing a few hours sleep each night so I am absolutely exhausted.  It went really well thank goodness but I still have to do it all over again next week with another part of our business, I am falling asleep just thinking about it.  I can't wait for the weekend and a chance to catch up on a bit of sleep.  I couldn't read your comments properly whilst I was away so I re-read them last night and have replied to any questions I have been asked.

I haven't had all the addresses of the Giveaway Winners yet, I need to post them all at the same time so if you have won can you please email me your address asap so I can send them all out.  I have made some extra necklaces for my sister and her bridesmaids as we are going to Paris for her hen do.  I haven't been to Paris before and we are there for three nights so would love to hear your suggestions of what we must see/do/eat etc etc.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spotlight on... Dorothy Perkins

My love for Dorothy Perkins comes in waves and at the moment they are riding on the crest!  They have made so many beautiful dresses so far this season, dresses that I actually want to own and love.  I can't remember the last time I felt the need to check their website daily just to swoon over the new arrivals.  They are fast replacing Warehouse as my go to for pretty day dresses and they are usually a good £10-15 cheaper, that works for me.  My current favourites on their website are:

Dress 1                   Dress 2                     Dress 3

 Dress 4                      Dress 5                        Dress 6

Dress 7                   Dress 8                     Dress 9

Dress 10                  Dress 11                     Dress 12

How gorgeous are they?!  They are mostly around the £40 mark but if you are quick you can still use the glamour code and get 20% off.  The code is DPGLAM20 and expires on 31/03.  I already own dresses seven and eight and really want one of the last three but I cannot decide which colour, HELP!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Models Own Pro - Come To Bed Red

I've finally been able to part with Models Own Pro Jack's Black.  Great news for me is it peeled off really easy, I love it when that happens.  It has been switched to Models Own Pro Come To Bed Red, love the name!  The polish is a flat deep red and I needed three coats to get this coverage.  It was fine with just two but I wanted it as dark as it could be so it matched my red cardigan!

Have you tried out any of the Models Own Pro nail polishes yet? Which colour did you go for?

Monday, 28 March 2011

In The Red

So I am off to Manchester shortly for work and this is what I am wearing both to travel in and go out for dinner tonight.  I really don't want to take too much with me and be the girl lugging a huge suitcase into the hotel whilst the guys only have a carrier bag or something so I have tried to pack lightly.

I am worried about being able to stick to my healthy eating whilst away, it's so difficult when you don't have much choice to what you eat.  I don't want everyone to know I am on a diet either although one of the guys has recently lost three stone on the Cambridge Diet so I will be checking out his choices and following his lead.  There's talk of us going for either an indian or a chinese tonight so I am already armed with the healthiest choices.  Dieting is such hard work!!  Do any of you have any tips that will help me? 

Dress: Peacocks

I am hoping that I will get a bit of time to myself in the evenings too, I haven't had chance to read many blogs for the last couple of weeks and I am having serious withdrawals :(

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I spotted this River Island dress in the new arrivals section of their website ages ago and have kept my eye on it ever since.  I loved it but as usual couldn't find it in store to try on and find that RI fits strangely on me sometimes.  I am glad I resisted as it has now gone into the sale and is down from £35 to just £12.  Don't you just love it when that happens :)

Dress: River Island

Now onto the bit you've been waiting for, the winners of the Eiffel Tower Necklaces.  I used to generate the winners:

Hannah - black
thatdenisegirl - black

ScienceGeek - white
Hayley - white
dannithegirl - black
Charlie - white
Sophie - black


Please email me your address to  You will be getting the colour next to your name, if it's blank you didn't leave a preference so will receive a random colour.   Providing I have all addresses I will post the necklaces out next Thursday, I am away until then with work.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Red Alert!

Hey guys!  I'm a bit late today, I couldn't drag my lazy ass out of bed after such a hectic week at work.  I went out for an amazing meal at Merchants in Warwick last night and must have been exhausted when I got in as I fell asleep in the middle of the big bang theory, that never happens!!  When I finally woke up today I dragged the boyfriend to Coventry to check out the Models Own Pro range (thanks for the tip off Maria!) The range is really nice and it's much better seeing it in the flesh rather than trying to work out what the polish might be like from the really crappy swatches on the Boots website.  I purchased four colours and I can't wait to try them out and share the results with you.

I am away for a couple of nights next week helping run a conference for work.  I have already decided to wear my new grey Oasis dress for the day of the conference and only need something casual for the night before but I am stumped as to what to wear for the evening meal on conference day.  I work in a very male dominated industry and the women that I do work with are not that interested in fashion and clothes so I already stand out like a sore thumb.  I really don't want to look too formal and want to be true to my style but it's so hard to find a middle ground.  I was thinking maybe this outfit with some black heels and red nail polish if I can bare to part with Models Own Pro Jack's Black that has been gracing my nails since it arrived.

 Dress: Warehouse
Cardigan: Peacocks

Look Models Own Pro! Excited!!

So what do you think guys?  Is this alright?  I'm thinking that it's not revealing and it's quite plain but it's lacy so a bit more interesting and the red stops it from being dull and too formal.  I actually wore it shopping today and it's also a good length, have I picked a winner?!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Welcome to the cheap seats

I am so tired today so won't scare you with a photo of my pasty worn out face.  Instead I thought I would share with you the bargain basement dresses I am currently eyeing up, so many gorgeous CHEAP dresses at the moment :)

Dress 1                    Dress 2                   Dress 3

Dress 1                  Dress 2                    Dress 3

Clothing At Tesco:
Dress 1             Dress 2               Dress 3             Dress 4

The total for all of the above dresses is just £194...  if you had £200 to spend would you rather buy 10 cheap dresses or just one really special dress?  I absolutely adore this dress but at £180 I just cannot justify it, what would you do?

Dress: Jaeger

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Grey and Boring?

Hello my lovelies.  Today I am heading off up to Leeds for an early meeting so if you are reading this not long after it's been published think of me bombing up the M1 and longing for my bed! 

I finally bought this gorgeous Oasis dress after looking at it longingly since this post back in December!  It went into the sale last week so I snapped it up for just £35.  It's perfect for when I need to dress smarter for work (and wear a longer length!)  When I am in my office I wear whatever I fancy but sometimes needs must, I'm just thankful that I don't ever have to wear suits.  It arrived yesterday so I thought I would take some snaps to share with you as I tried it on.  Perfect for today's meeting :)

Dress: Oasis

Do you have a uniform at work or does anything go?  Do you buy separate work wear?  I'm so glad I can mostly wear whatever I want.  

Oh and in answer to Hannahs question I have WAY more dresses than nail polishes.  I guess I usually buy a couple a week and must have close to 500 dresses although I only wear a fraction and can't even fit into some of them... :( 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Heavy Heart

Hello all :)  How is it only Wednesday?! It feels like this week has been hanging around forever.  I've been trying to be really careful about what I eat and making sure I drink more fluids but I haven't managed to fit a walk in yet this week.  Have you visited Where Are My Knees? and pledged yet?  I have found the blog to be a great motivator, I really don't want to let down all those following the blog and joining us on our journeys.  I have shared some of my sweet cheats which really help me when I am struggling to stay on track.  It's really strange that normally I am a total savoury carb junkie but the moment I am trying to shift a few pounds all I want is sweet stuff.

I've looked at this dress on the Topshop website a few times but it wasn't until I saw it in my local branch that I wanted it!  It's a lovely shade of red and a good length for me too so I was sold.  Especially when I realised it was only £28, well done Topshop! Please carry on making lovely cheap dresses...

 Dress: Topshop

If you haven't entered my little giveaway yet you've still got time so what are you waiting for?! 

I will leave you with one last photo, especially for you Sophie Isobel...

My Models Own Collection in all its glory!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A little bit of Grace

A few other Models Own shades some how slipped in my basket when I purchased the new spring colours... can you believe there are still colours I don't own?!  I just checked and I now have FIFTY! wowzers.  How did that happen?!  There are still colours I want to try too and now theres the Pro range and the soon to be released Smash-Up crackle polishes. Argh! I'm running out of shelf space to store them on.  How do you all store your polishes or are you normal and only have a dozen or so colour options?!

 Peach Sherbet, Peach Puff, Vintage Pink, Grace Green

Peach Sherbet - I really don't like this colour with my skin tone.  It wasn't that great to apply either, it was quite streaky and needed three coats to get even coverage.  Can't win them all!

Peach Puff - Now this peachy tone works so much better with my skin tone and luckily for me applied like a dream.  Nice and creamy and great coverage in two coats.

Vintage Pink - I've kind of already shared this one with you in this post.  It's such a gorgeous colour and again applied well in two coats.  It also happens to be almost identical in colour to my favourite Mango cardigan, RESULT!!

Grace Green - Green isn't a colour you will see me in often, it's just not a colour I go for.  I am not sure why though as I love this polish.  It's such a pretty colour and applied well in two coats.

What are your favourite Models Own colours?  Mine seems to change daily but Bronzed Rage and Champagne just top the bill for me.  I can't get enough of Models Own Pro Jack's Black either as it looks so good and goes with almost all of my outfits, ace!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Monotone Magic

This is the other dress I bought with amazing discount from Dorothy Perkins.  The fabric is not at all what I expected, its kind of like airtex with the holes filled in!  I love white dresses and love wearing them with black tights as I think it makes a great contrast.  The dress also comes in black.

Update on the Models Own Pro black polish, it was wearing really well without any chipping until I got the urge to peel but boy does it peel well :) 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Keep or return?

Hey guys! Hello to my new followers, how are you all? Can't believe I have hit 300 followers already.  I'm guessing Where Are My Knees? is to thank!  Talking of WAMK head over there at 6pm today for some exciting news!  If you haven't already make sure you enter my little giveaway, its open til next Sunday and you can win an incredibly cute necklace handmade by me using vintage charms :)

I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago after seeing it in a tweet by the lovely Emma.  Emma is a dress fanatic like me so often twitpics me her latest purchase so we can compare wardrobes!  Although I love the colour (and know that Amy hates it from another twitter convo) I just don't think it does anything for me.  Combine that with it being see thru and my aversion to flesh coloured underwear I stuck a black vest under it and I think it just looks messy :(  I think the pleating does me no favours and its too short... not sure why I still love it but I do!

Dress: Topshop

What do you guys think? Is this a keep or a return?  You won't offend me with constructive comments so don't worry about telling me that it doesn't suit me or flatter me etc, etc.  Much kinder to be truthful than let me walk around in a hideous outfit hey?!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Models Own Pro

I knew from the moment the email hit my inbox that I needed to try out Models Own's new Pro range.  My love for Models Own is great as I am sure you've all worked out by now, the standard polishes apply so well, the range of colours is very impressive and they are only £5 so what's not to love.  But if they have managed to out do themselves and  make a polish that's even better then I wanna know... 

The press release reads:
Models Own, famed for its now legendary trend-setting colour cosmetics is launching a salon formula range of nail polished called Models Own Pro.  In a world first, these polishes contain 'Grows Fast. Fades Slow™' technology - a combination of Vitamin E and UV filters that both aids nail grow and prevents colour fade.  In addition, Models Own Pro polishes are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

Initially the line will consist of 54 fabulous limited edition colours and will be exclusively available from Boots, in the newly installed professional nail care section launching in March 2011.  

Sounds good so far, yeah?  Some of the range are already available to buy on the Boots website, priced £8.00.  I ordered Jack's Black and Blackcurrent.

Jack's Black is a gorgeous glossy black and Blackcurrent is a deep, dark purple.  Both apply like an absolute dream, seriously I have never used a polish that applies this well.  Both were completely opaque after just one coat.  The polish is a bit like the seche vite topcoat that I use, rather than streak it seems to self level to give an amazing finish.  I couldn't capture the colour of blackcurrent on my nails, both sets just look black, but what is most amazing is these photos are taken before I made any touch ups!  It is as if Models Own have some how stuck a manicurist in the bottles to apply it for you, it's seriously that good.  No more painted fingers for me.

Jack's Black


The only downside for me is it's really hard to work out what colour you are ordering on the Boots website.  The swatches are tiny and you cannot tell what kind of finish the polish has or if it has any shimmer/glitter.  I can't wait to find out which Boots stores will be stocking this range and go and see them in person.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day!

HELLOOOOOOO!!!  A bit of frivolity for you today seeings as its COMIC RELIEF!

Dress: Topshop

Those noses are very hard to breath in!!  

Whatever you are doing today make sure you give generously :)

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