Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wednesday wants

First off hello to all my new friends (and of course a big cyber hug to the oldies) welcome to my little blog, hope you like it and stick around :)

I've been a bad blogger this week :(  I haven't had chance to read many blogs and this makes me sad.  I have been able to get a few fixes via twitter links but there have been too few for my liking and drastic action needs to be taken to rectify this.  I don't like skim reading blog posts as I know how much effort goes into even the shortest of posts.  So I am going to make time tonight to curl up with my iPad and get reading.  I cannot wait!

No outfit post today as I am feeling too sorry for myself.  Those who follow me by twitter will know that I have had toothache for the last few days.  I gave in and paid the dentist a visit yesterday and it turns out one of my wisdom teeth is infected and needs a hospital extraction.  As long as they knock me out this is fine with me, I hate having work done on my teeth.  So uncomfortable.  I'm going thru that will get worse before it gets better phase and am just waiting for the antibiotics to kick in and provide that much needed relief.  I needed a bit of cheering up so I did what I do best and hit the online shops.

Whilst browsing on Dotty P's I came across a brand I haven't paid any attention to before, Closet.  I've had a bit of a google but haven't been able to find anything about this brand and the Dorothy Perkins's website doesn't tell me anything about Closet either.  I have fallen in love with two dresses but would love to hear if you have either seen these in a Dotty P's store or actually own any Closet dresses.  Are they as nice as they look in real life? 

I already have a fair few white/cream dresses but no amazingly stripy ones.  And it's got sleeves.  I think I can hear it calling my name... 


  1. I've seen the White one irl andnit looks gorgeous! I'm not sure what the fit is like or anything though.


    Ps, hope it all goes okay with the tooth! I hate having work done on mine too, it's so uncomfortable :(

  2. Love the white one. Wearing all white always makes me feel expensive! Good luck with the tooth! Hope it gets better soon xx

  3. i've been eyeing those closet dresses for a little while now too. never seen them in a shop though - only online. but their collection is rather cute. i noticed a lot of shops like leila sell or joy sell dresses that look exactly!!! the same as the ones from "closet"- i think it's one of those brands where every shop puts it's own brand tag on. but i'm not sure...


  4. Oh those dresses are so beautiful aren't they darling, I must visit Dotty P's today on my lunch hour!

    Have a lovely Wednesday!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  5. Love that stripey dress!! Everything I have is floral so soemthing like that would be fab, I don't really do many animal or graphic prints wither.
    I've been out all weekend and working so I'm having a nice cup of tea and catching up on all the blogs I read today, nice relaxing day off

  6. those dresses are lovely, especially the stripey one. gems right, it does make a change from floral!

    wisdom teeth extraction sounds painful :( but at least the pain should be over with once it's done! xx

  7. i'm in love with both of those dresses. thanks for sharing <3

  8. I had to have a hospital extraction and they knocked me out so should do you :) Hope you feel better soon. I love the first dress, it is so adorable and It looks like it will be very flattering on x

  9. Thanks for all the tooth messages you lovely lot. It still kills but is getting a bit easier.

    I really want to see the dresses IRL but dont think any stores near me stock closet so may have to bite the bullet and order, I will let you know if I do!

  10. I saw those drsses online today and immediatly thought of you! I love the stripy one sooo quirky :) xx

  11. @Amy haha! They most definitely are Sarah dresses! I've spotted another beauty today, not sure I can hold out on ordering much longer! xx


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