Sunday, 6 February 2011

Surely it's not Sunday already?

I can't believe it is Sunday already, this weekend has whizzed past :(  I'm not feeling that great today.  Kinda like I have a hangover but with none of the alcohol consumption, not fun!  I have been for Sunday lunch with friends and am now ready to attempt some more macarons... if these ones do not work then my flirtation with them is OVER! 

I have finally managed to decided which polishes to order from Models Own, there is just too much choice!  Today is the last day to get 25% discount so if you haven't ordered yet go to their website and register for the discount.  I ordered 10 polishes and 1 nail art pen and my order total was just £28!  I am going to start painting my nails again next week, they are still weak but I can't wait any longer.

Dress: asos
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins

I know I've shown you this dress before but this time I have teamed it with my Warehouse belt, Dotty P cardigan and I am wearing my tan Primark brogues.  I love them, they are just so comfy I haven't worn any other shoes since I bought them!  How do you feel about seeing dresses that I have posted before?  Do you find it interesting to see how I wear things or is it just a snoozefest?  

I really want a pair of tan lace up heels now and these ones from Peacocks are gorgeous:

Shoes: Peacocks

And the best bit is they are only £20!  Has anyone got them or tried them on?  I would love to know how comfy they are but have a feeling I will be ordering these very soon!

Don't forget my big 1-0-0 giveaway is still running, the competition closes next Sunday so make sure you don't forget to enter.


  1. Ooh, I hadn't seen the post when you featured this dress before. I like seeing the same dresses but seeing the different ways you style them, plus if people miss posts it gives them a chance to see parts of your lovely wardrobe they might not have seen! Keep going as you are - as you know your blog (& you!) is one of my faves!
    Let us know how the macaroons turn out, what flavour did you go for in the end? Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

  2. Can't wait to see all the polishes!

  3. I'm currently trying to decide what nail polishes I want but I'm actually finding it difficult because I have a lot of similar colours already and I promised myself I would stop buying so many!

    I like seeing the same piece worn in different ways, definitely not a snoozefest!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. I get that sort of groggy/hungover feeling a lot on Sundays - might be the Monday Blues coming on! ;) xx

  4. I like seeing old stuff worn in a new way, it's very thrifty lol!
    I'm so jealous of your 28 nail polishes! I love Models Own's stuff so much. I got Nude Beige and I can't stop staring at my nails! It such a good colour. A bit grey, a bit beige, and a bit lilac!

    Hope you feel better soon hun, a hangover without the drinking is pants! xx

  5. I did the same thing with Models Own :) too excited :D xx

  6. I absolutely adore that dress! I'd buy it if my bump would fit into it!

    Hope you feel better soon love xx

  7. Those shoes fit like a dream and they are SO comfy...I would have bought them if I didn't already have a pair that were almost identical :)

    Maria xxx

  8. Loving that dress. I've only just started reading your blog so I'm just enjoying your great style - you look fantastic! I really like those peacock shoes, I kind of hope you get them so I can hear your verdict!

  9. @Lucy excellent! I will re-post dresses then instead of just doing a wishlist when I wear a dress again! Cant wait for our bake-swap :)

    @Sophie Isobel, me neither! They have been dispatched today :)

    @Charlene It was so difficult wasn't it?! I am all better today, thank you lovely

    @Meg Nude Beige is one of the colours Ive ordered, cant wait to try them all out. Thank you, I am all better today

    @Charli I know right! How sad us getting so excited about a few bottles of nail polish!

    @Tess Its a shame they dont do it in their maternity range although they do some lovely maternity dresses

    @Maria I have reserved a pair at Central Six, thanks love!

    @dannithegirl thank you lovely :) That means so much. I am going to get the shoes tomorrow! weeeeeee



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