Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sunny side up

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: asos

I have had this dress forever and I still love it as much as the day I bought it.  It's by Alice McCall for Topshop and can still occasionally be found on eBay.  I cannot recommend this dress highly enough, it hangs beautifully, moves nicely as you walk, always gets loads of compliments and the best thing? It NEVER NEEDS IRONING! haha.  A very important quality in my books.

I'm off to meetings for work all day today so did a bit of baking again last night, everyone is much nicer when they have a pretty cake to eat...

Yum, yum! Is it tea time yet?


  1. I love how you just do some casual baking in the evening and just WHIP THESE BAD BOYS UP! What flavour are they? They look amazing. I want cake for breakfast now, is that bad?!
    The pattern on that dress is lovely, I thought it was a skirt at first but either way, it's so nice :) x

  2. This looks lovely on you! Totally suits you. I love the pattern on it too.

  3. Love the pattern on that dress. At first I thought it was a skirt and a top but I thought "surely not". ;)

    Your cupcakes look amazing! Are they orange flavoured? I'm going to make some later using the white chocolate buttercream from my macaroon attempt. :) x

  4. Love the dress - really suits you.
    And my word you are such a good baker!!! The cakes look awesome!
    Zoe x
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  5. Yum, more delicious cakes :D
    It seems most blogs I visit the blogger can rustle up some amazing cupcakes?! Mine never turn out anything like this! Hehe

  6. That dress is absolutely gorgeous, and those cupcakes look AMAZING! I have never even seen icing that colour, they look so professionally made, wow!

  7. amazing cupcakes, your blog is so bad for my cravings haha!!

    The dress is gorgeous!! xx

  8. You did a fab job with the icing, so neat :)
    Love the dress, I never wear many graphic prints, all my things seem to be floral. It seems like a dress you can keep for ages and it will always look good xx

  9. @Sophie Its ace isnt it, a nice change from all the florals

    @Lucy haha! I've had a lot of practice making cupcakes, must have made about 1000 now! They are just vanilla as they are the easiest to make in a hurry

    @Alison thanks lovely

    @Charlene don't be silly! haha. I do own loads of skirts as well but havent worn them since I put on weight as a dress hides more than tops do!

    @*Zoe* Thank you :)

    @Sophie Isobel I am sure if you had the right tools and practise yould be able to make them too, they are really easy

    @Rosie Thank you! I used an americolor food gel who make loads of ace colours

    @littlemiss_jess sorry hun! I should post a warning for dieters! You must be controlling your cravings though as youre doing so well.

    @Gem Its not as hard as people think if you have the right size icing tip. Its great isnt it, I must have had it for 3-4 years and it doesnt look at all dated


  10. Saw this and thought of you :)http://boutiquelesfleurs.typepad.com/les_fleurs_la_boutique/2010/04/porte-clef-macarons-les-secrets-de-ladur%C3%A9e-par-marks.html

  11. the dress hangs beautifully! seriously amazing. i love it. xo


  12. You have soo many gorgeous dresses! loving that dress on you:) those cupcakes are soo cute... good icing piping skillz :P x

  13. Lucy (grazedknees.com) introduced me to your blog and is always raving about your amazing baking! these look incredible, im so jealous. gorgeous dress too :)

    Emma x

  14. these and the macaroons are seriously making my tummy rumble!


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