Friday, 25 February 2011

Rainbow Bright

Good Morning! It's FRIDAY!! Yay :)  Hope you've all had a good week and are ready for the weekend.  I cannot wait.  Another day another batch of nail art.  I find it really relaxing just a shame it smells so much.  The leopard nails I did on Wednesday started to peel so off they came (whole, result!) leaving me with a fresh canvas.  I picked up Models Own Snow White yesterday so I could do these nails.  I bought Pearly Queen for this reason but it's just not opaque enough to work.  All Models Own products are now 3 for the price of 2 in Boots by the way so grab a bargain now.

 Nail Art Pen in Black, Snow White, Sophie's Pink, Lemon Meringue, Lilac Dream, Top Turquoise, Fuzzy Peach

I really love these nails, think they might be my favourite yet.  Leopard print really is easy to do, honestly!  Give it a go but I really do recommend you get a Models Own Nail Art pen rather than the crappy cheap ones on eBay - they really do make that much difference.  The polish is really opaque and easy to apply.  You can't get the pens in Boots yet but you can get them on the Models Own website and asos have just started selling the black one.

Today I am wearing my favourite Dahlia dress again.  It is definitely my favourite, I've decided!  It just makes me feel so good when I wear it.  I love the contrast of the white with the black lining and think that white dresses look ace with opaque black tights.  It also doesn't detract from the nails, it's all about the nails today.

(oh hi! man hands...)

I just want to finish by saying this again, if you follow me on twitter and I am not following you please shout hello at me!  I have followed a few more of you lovely people in the last couple of days and love chatting to you all, it's so much more personal over on twitter :)


  1. I'm definitely going to have a go at these leopard print nails, I have a Barry M white polish but it's not very easy to apply so I might get the Models Own one too.
    I adore this dress too, I love simple black and white outfits, this works so well!
    Have a nice weekend, lovely (no doubt we'll be in some form of Twitter contact anyway, though!) xxx

  2. I love the white dress with the black, I have a similar outfit which I love, it just looks lovely :) I love your nails too, may have to head out to Boots! :) And you don't have man hands, so shush!! :)

    Maria xxx

  3. I looove these nails - the white background makes them stand out so much more, and you've obv get a v steady hand - when i tried to do leaopard print the outline went all over the place! Oops :S


  4. Love your nails! The dress is gorgeous too. You definitely definitely don't have man hands, they are way too female! I too am blessed (cough) with big hands... mine cover my whole face lol. Yours are very feminine though. I always notice peoples' hands and there are definitely hands belonging to some women that are a LOT more manly than yours or indeed mine! xx

  5. The nails look awesomee! Thanks for the heads up on the 3 for 2 offer, might have to go to Boots now, haha :P

  6. I really love these nails! I've had a similar white base leopard design in my nail inspiration folder (yeah.. i really do have one of those!) for ages now! love the dress too - i love simple black and white outfits xx

  7. Ooh I'll have to try a white bacground, I have snow white too!

  8. I love getting to see your nail art, I really need to try it out soon, I keep putting it off because I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish for work unfortunately! So need to wait till a time when I'm not working for a few days straight to make the most of it haha! xx

  9. Your nails are amazing! I love this look, I also loved your blue nails with glitter tips look. So much so that I'm trying it out on myself later today :)
    The dress looks fab on you, Dahlia make some gorgeous things xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  10. I'm now following you on Twitter! I'm really rubbish at it, so if i don't chat to you often, sorry! Nails look stunning, really a work of art! And they go so well with the outfit Sarah! You are beautiful!

  11. I'm loving the colour combination of your nails, leopard print is my favourite nail art, though I've taken a liking to stripes lately too :)

  12. What a nice combination, I like it so much! As specialy the lemon meringue color, I love pastel yellow! I don't have any of the models own polishes, but in autumn, I will have a city trip to Londen, and I'm so exited about it! But I will also go to Rotterdam, (a city in Holland, the Netherlands) and there is a River Island Store, I don't realy like the clothes, but the Models Own polishes are amazing!
    Lots of love,
    Fabienne Julie


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