Monday, 14 February 2011

Oh Joy you've stolen my heart...

Sigh.  Joy is a store that appeals to me in many ways.  The first reason of course is the dresses, the very pretty very me dresses.  Secondly is the home-ware,  who wouldn't want to own a set of cupcake tea cups cases?!  I am not lucky enough to have a Joy store near me but fortunately their website is great, something which I have praised them for before.  It's easy to navigate, has a great selection and their service has always been outstanding.  

Joy are exclusive stockists of Louche, a brand that I think make reasonably priced gorgeous dresses in limited runs so you'll never have that heart-stopping moment when you see someone else wearing your dress.  Take a look at these gorgeous pieces from their Spring/Summer collection:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
hello gorgeous Joy dress
How can I possibly live without you?


Today I am wearing my own Valentine inspired dress from Joy.  Isn't it just adorable and perfect for today?

(Recognise the belt Sarah?)

Joy are also running a Valentines competition on their Facebook page. All you have to do is leave your loved one a message on their wall before midnight tonight and the most original will win a £25 voucher, hope your attempts at poetry are better than mine!

I wish I could share this with you all...

Happy Valentines Day, much love xx



  1. AHHHHHHH THAT DRESS is a-mazing!It is the perfect shape and design! O dear I want it but my bank balance says no! Thanks for the heads up on joy!


  2. ooooh that dress is absolutely lovely! as is that gorgeous belt

  3. What a perfect valentines outfit!
    You did a great job on the cupcakes :)
    Joy dresses are lovely, such a shame they only come in 8-14 though

  4. I love the dress and that you've dressed in all red for valentines day! :) I was thinking of doing the same but I don't think I own anything red or with hearts on!


  5. I love that purple print dress from Joy. I love the shape.

    Awesome valentine's day dress by the way!

  6. I LOVE joy, everytime I pass through Clapham Junction station I pop in. This dress is lovely, however much I hate Valentines, I love this post xx

  7. This is an amazing Valentines outfit, you look fab! :)

  8. I love the yellow dress and your dress!
    Come to my blog and if you love it we can follow eachother!

  9. I adore JOY! I bought a great coat from there once, they're always lovely x

  10. omg i'm in love with your dress. it's bloody beautiful! you look amazing in it. i've never really looked at joy before but ummm.. brb.. xo

  11. You look stunning - hope you had a good day!
    Joy does have some beautiful things in. I also like the gifts and cards/homewears they sell. It is fun to look around.

    Christina x

  12. I love Joy clothes! And your Valentines dress is stunning - I recognise that belt, hahaha!


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