Thursday, 10 February 2011

Models Own!

I finally managed to choose which polishes to order, it was very difficult! I ordered 10 polishes and the nail art pen in white the total came to £56 before the standard discount and then the 25% code but once they were added it was only £28 inc postage, bargain!

I ended up getting:
1) Pearly Queen   2) Nude Beige   3) Top Turquoise   4) Blue Lagoon   5) Juicy Jules   6)Bluebelle   
7) Emerald City   8) White Nail Art Pen   9) Lili's Pink   10) Bubblegum   11) 3 in 1 base coat/top coat & gloss

Swatches of the colours - two coats (three for the glitters)

I didn't expect bubblegum to be a matt finish and I didn't really like it so I added some topcoat, much better!  The coverage of Bluebelle was iffy, I have most of the glitter polishes now and this is by far the hardest to get a decent coverage.  I don't really like Lili's Pink and wish I had of gone for Sophie's Pink instead.  Other than that I am really happy with my choices and now my nails are finally getting stronger again I can't wait to start wearing it all! 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to swatch Pearly Queen (which is the polish I wanted the most) because it arrived like this, sob!  Hopefully I will get a new one as soon as they read my tweet!

I think I may own too many Models Own polishes, the rest of my collection...

I've wiped off all that polish and have gone for Blue Lagoon with Juicy Jules on the tips.  I didn't like Blue Lagoon in the bottle but it's gorgeous on and Juicy Jules is so sparkly and just generally ace!

I have used Seche Vite topcoat on recommendation of Lucy as nail polish never lasts longer than a day on my nails before its full of chips.  I will let you know how I get on with it.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already, it closes on Sunday.  Please remember that you need to be a follower to win and if you tweet from a private account and I am not following you then I cannot see it!  I can't wait to draw the winners and post out the prizes :)


  1. I have a reallly bad models own addiction too! I counted after my latest order came 27 polishes.
    *dies of embarresment*

  2. I had the same problem (missing brush) with my latest MO order - sent them an email with photos of the offending bottle and got a replacement in the post a few days later - hope yours is as easily resolved.
    I am deeply envious of your collection :)

  3. I dont own any Models Own nail varnishes yet but am desperate too! My funds just will not allow me!
    I love Bluebelle and Emerald City. Bubblegum will be perfect for the summer!

  4. @Rani youve got it bad girl! I'm at 23 but there's a few more I want now too!

    @JEM they tweeted me first thing this morning so I can't complain, mistakes happen it's how they are rectified that counts :)

    @Sophie They are really great quality for the price so when you can afford them I wholeheartedly recommend them! So many colours to choose from too :)


  5. I used the same code too :D yeeey!!
    Bought bubblegum and top turquoise aswel :). Currently got the gold on my nails and I can't believe how much it looks like MINX nails without the price tag...amazing :) xx

  6. That discount was really good, you saved loads! I think my favourites gotta be the Juicy Jules. Shame about your Pearly Queen!

  7. I can't wait until my order arrives! Nude Beige was one of the ones I wasn't sure about so didn't order but now I wish I had, it's such a nice colour. I think I have about as many Barry M polishes as you have Models Own. I've only got 2 nail art pens and 1 polish at the moment!! x

  8. oooh so many nice colours. I like the glitter just painted on the tip, nice and subtle. I have a black glitter and pink glitter models own and I love them but they are so hard to get off. What remover do you use?
    my nails are in a right state, it was one of my new years resolution to keep my nails looking nice buy I've failed already :(

  9. wow thats seriously impressive!! I cant find the nail art pen anywhere!!

  10. i ADORE the bubblegum, especially in matte - i struggle to find matte nail varnish anywhere but i definitely prefer it to shiny. that is a gorgeous colour! a very impressive collection :)


  11. I love to hate our Models Own addiction, they are the bane of all bloggers! I love that pearly blue, it's so nice, and I'm sure you're aware of my obsession of Juicy Jules - I love it! I painted mine Disco Mix tonight and I have got glitter EVERYWHERE! It looks lush though :)

  12. The emerald green is gorgeous!! I'm so tempted to order this!


  13. @Charli Gold Rush? I love that polish!

    @Sophie Isobel Juicy Jules is gorgeous

    @Charlene the nude beige is really pretty, Im sure there will be more offers soon

    @Gem Lucy (grazed knees) did a post about getting glitter varnish off easily, using tin foil if I remember rightly. Dont do what I do and peel it off!

    @Ash its only available online at the moment lovely or at the Wah Nails bar at Topshop Oxford Circus

    @Jess I find that matte nails dont last as long on me before looking strange so I am defo a glossy girl!

    @Lucy the glitters are amazing :) At least they are cheap, I got 10 polishs and a nail art pen for the price of a premium foundation

    @Tess it really is lovely


  14. WOW! These polishes are all so beautiful!! Wish we had this brand in Canada!

    Stumbled across your blog, I'm gunna follow : )


  15. What an amazing range of colours you have!! I love what you've gone for in the end that blue is gorgeous and the glitter on the tips is genius xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  16. Top turquoise is bloody gorgeous.
    i think i need it to add to my collection


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